Review~Reign by Jessica Gadziala

Title: Reign 
Series: The Henchman MC #1
Author: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 265
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

1 notorious 1%er
1 innocent trapped in an impossible situation
1 viscous crime lord
3 people who aren’t who they appear to be
= one big (bloody) mess.

Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life, but when a random woman comes (literally) crashing into his life- learning things she has no business knowing, and bringing with her the weight of the city’s biggest skin trader, the “hard life” starts to take on a whole new meaning.


A woman running for her life. A stormy night during a torrential downpour. An MC President on his way home. What could go wrong?

Reign, the Prez of the MC wasn’t expecting to find a woman in the middle of the road, but he did. Summer knew she was lucky to be alive. On the run from the skin trader who held her hostage, beat her and threatened her with rape.

That’s just the start to the mind fuckery that goes on in this novel. I liked it and am super excited to find a new MC author.
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Review~Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Title: Fire Inside 
Series: Chaos #2
Author: Kristen Ashley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 421
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

Lanie Heron isn’t looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club . . .

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She’s too polished and too classy for his taste. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can’t say no. And he doesn’t regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that’s ever happened to him-in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.


I remembered Hop from Motorcycle Man. I wasn’t a fan of his at all. He was banging some club skank while he was married. Eww! I put off reading this book and series for a long time because of it. But I needed an audiobook and really liked the two books that followed this one. You get a little explanation of why he cheated but I still wasn’t havin’ it. It doesn’t matter if your ex cheated, if she was a bitch or if you were “on a break”. Married is married, asshole.

I remembered liking Lanie a lot. I felt so bad for her. She’s still trying to heal and let go of the past. To help with this process, she propositions Hop for some no strings sex. After a bit, Hop accepts and the results are blisteringly hot. But as she heals and learns to forgive herself, she develops feelings for Hop. Hop is all in from almost the beginning.

This was a solid addition to the series and I’m very intrigued about what’s next for Chaos.
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Review~Delta: Revenge by Cristin Harber

Title: Delta: Revenge 
Series: Delta #2
Author: Cristin Harber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: Unknown
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

A Tortured Hero with a Heart of Gold

Growing up on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Javier Almeida has only his older sister to protect him. When she’s sold to a human-trafficker, he vows to hunt down those responsible.

Years later, Titan Group’s Delta team finds him, tattooed and brawling, a vigilante protector with information they want. They take him in and train him, working him harder than a man should be driven, until he’s a soldier harboring an obsession. Ready for revenge, Javier ghosts his way across the globe, tracking the men who took his sister and working elite private security jobs.

Meets Sweet and Sassy

Jilted at the altar, Sophia Cole turns the reception into a one-woman party. She’s intent on devouring all the cake and champagne, so she can bask in the calories she’s been avoiding. In the midst of the revelry, he walks in, the one man she can never ignore.

Javier is her older brother’s black ops teammate—an automatic Do Not Go There. But if there’s one thing better than fondant and a buzz to ease the wounds of a cheating fiancé, it might be a one-night stand with a South American military man.

Game Changer

Javier didn’t expect to see Sophia again. He never thought he would even want to see her again. He shouldn’t have touched her, but his mind won’t stay away from her.

Now, Sophia Cole is thousands of miles away from the safety of her parents’ lavish estate and working alongside him in hell. She’s a staffer at an Embassy, and he’s there to keep them alive. There are bombs and bullets and blood-hungry enemies.

And then she’s taken. Gone. Just like his sister. But so much worse.


Cristin Harber is my reigning queen of military romantic suspense. I love her Titan and Only series. She gives you just enough suspense to make it good for you. She always gives you humor, alpha male hotness and dirty sex.

This is the second novel in the Delta series. It’s about Javier, a Delta member and Sophia Cole, a woman on a mission. Sophia’s brother is a Delta teammate of Javier’s. He’s always been attracted to Sophia but his main focus in life is revenge. He lost his sister to human trafficking years ago and has vowed to not rest until all parties involved have been destroyed.

Sophia called off her wedding the day of when she found out her intended was cheating on her with her BFF. At her reception, she’s indulging in a mild pity party. She bumps into Javier and they end up acting on their mutual attraction. One night only, no expectations. Fast forward a while later and they come face to face in a dangerous location with the constant threat of war, missions getting exposed and their lust for each other. What could go wrong? Read it and find out.

Book given in exchange for an honest review vis the publisher and NetGalley.Attractive woman reading a book

Review ~ The Haircut by Lusty Soul

Title: The Haircut
Series: NA
Author: Lusty Soul
Genre: Erotica, LGBT
Pages: 44
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
See Mindy’s Goodreads Review Here



An Erotic Story With A Cutting Edge
Lucy, a succubus still coming to terms with her special nature, falls in love with her hairdresser. Elbe isn’t the type of girl she usually falls for, but after seeing her stand up to her bigoted brother, Lucy is impressed by Elbe’s confidence and energy, convinced there’s more to this girl underneath her shy and timid personality.
She offers Elbe her friendship, which quickly turns into scalding passion.
But Elbe’s brother, in his religious zealousness, isn’t so easily deterred…






I’ve read this author before and I already know that Lusty Soul is talented when it comes to weaving her magical words together to form very interesting tales that keep you glued to the pages. However, I was a little skeptical that lightning could strike twice.

The Haircut was a pleasant and welcome surprise! This author takes something supernatural and cleverly crafts it into real life and makes it come alive. The characters are interesting and the connection, conflict and tension between them is palpable. Then… then I’m blessed with a surprise twist. I really didn’t expect that but that is exactly what made me love this even more.






Lucy is a pansexual succubus in search of the holy grail in a relationship that will feed her insatiable appetite for sexual energy. Lucy is picking up some pretty good vibes from her hair dresser, Elbe. Lucy and Elbe flirt a little when Elbe’s brother pays her a surprise visit. These two have some serious issues that this short story doesn’t get too involved in. However, we do get enough to know it’s importance to the development of the story and gives you a little history at the same time.



“I know your interpretation of your law!” she spat back at him. “I know you’re good at cherry-picking, Aaron. Picking the bits and pieces of your Bible that you can hide behind to condemn others, but conveniently dismissing the parts that make you feel uncomfortable.”






The sex is hot and meaningful but the tension that lead up to the sex are more interesting to me. They set the tone and give it breath. The scenes are described so well, that you almost feel that this is the first time that you’ve read anything like this.






There are a couple of parts where I would start to roll my eyes and think “cliché”. But I continued and I’m glad I did. Let me try to explain. Elbe had just had a traumatic event and Lucy shows up. Elbe starts to kiss her and all I’m thinking is “oh no. Please don’t just jump right into it. It makes the story feel forced and unoriginal.” But I immediately ate my words. Like I said before… Lusty Soul has a way with weaving words together so perfectly that she can create magic.

Overall, I really loved this. Lusty Soul is an extremely talented author and if you like to read female/female erotica with a twist then The Haircut is something you should take a chance on.



I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.
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A wandering soul, lust its sole motivation for seeking out encounters that stand out.

Lusty soul is a pseudonym, an avatar, an interactive immersion in erotica that surpasses mere physical appeasement. Personal encounters spiced up with a dash of fantasy that aim to leave you, the reader, wanting more.

Many manifestations online all have one thing in common…LS, the initials of many personas that all amalgamate into Lusty Soul.


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Review~Crazed by Alana Albertson

Title: Crazed 
Series: Se7en Deadly SEALs #3
Author: Alana Albertson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 65
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

Se7en Deadly SEALs are not the heroes I thought they were

6ix shots of rum I had the night I was violated

5ive months I hid so no one would discover my secret

Four times I visited Grant in the hospital to attempt to tell him the truth

Thre3 jobs I worked while I was alone to protect the truth

Two days my angel lived on this earth

One plunge of my stiletto heel permanently marked my attacker

Zero chance he can run now that I’ve discovered his identity

I didn’t reinvent myself to seek revenge, my goal was to exonerate my brother. I will still spend my last breath working for his freedom. But first, I will get mine. He must pay. I’ve lost control, I’ve snapped. I’m crazed.


I’m a little obsessed with the novella series about Mia and Grant. The books aren’t long but they pack a punch. Mia is set on revenge against the man who attacked her and clearing her brother’s name of murder. She’s still keeping her identity a secret, or so she thinks.

Grant has figured out that the stripper he’s drawn to is really Mia. He’s pissed and kind of a douche about it. He knows she trying to help her brother but he doesn’t think that’s all she’s up to.

There’s a couple of big surprises but no closure to the series yet. I’m ready for the next one!
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Review ~ Pegged by My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura Von Sternberg

Title: Pegged by My Kawaii Anime Waifu 
Series: NA
Author: Sakura Von Sternberg
Genre: Humor, Erotica
Pages: 51
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Naughty Book Snitch Alana
Read Alana’s Goodreads review here.

Kevin is an otaku.

No, scratch that: he’s an Otaking.

An obsessive anime fan. A total recluse. An irascible internet scold.

But don’t worry: he’s also found love. He is the proud husband of Akane Matsunaga. Who is Akane? She’s the main character of his favorite anime series, of course. A fictional 2D character to whom Kevin has devoted himself completely.

In other words: his waifu.

But what happens when his waifu becomes corporeal and real? And what if she’s a little more kinky and dominant than he might have realized? What if she brought with her a ten-inch toy that she fully intends to use on her 3D suitor?

Watch out, Kevin. Akane’s about to put the “oh!” in “moe.”

This 11,000+ word femdom story is intended for adults only. It contains graphic descriptions of adult situations, including humiliation, bondage, domination, pegging, psychic sex, and other fun activities. Reader discretion is advised.

All characters depicted in this story are over the age of eighteen.


First things first, I am an unashamed, unapologetic Sakura fangirl. Although each story of hers has been in a different style, from elegant and creepy, to sci-fi-riffic and tongue-in-cheek, I can tell at a glance it’s her writing, and I adore it. She is a master wordsmith, and I don’t say that lightly. So… this will be me fangirling like crazy. Fair warning!

This story… oh, this story. Kevin, or Kebinu-kun, is an anime fanboy to the Nth degree… or “Otaking” as he puts it. His life is in tatters, but it doesn’t matter if he lives in his mom’s basement… so long as he has his pure and innocent waifu to drool over. Who needs 3D sex when he has the 2D pure and innocent love of an anime girl?

Of course his passion isn’t totally innocent, and it’s not gone unnoticed by his cuddle pillow, which is Akane… the 2D waifu Kebinu-kun is so enamored of. Somehow, magically, Akane comes to life, ripped from the pillow while Kebinku is sleeping and hijinx ensue.

Oh man… the summation doesn’t do it justice. It really doesn’t. It’s so fucking funny. Everyone knows someone like Kevin, who is obsessed with something to the point of being a public safety hazard. I’ve known a few guys and girls like that. Hell, I’ve even been like that at times! Though I never lived in my mother’s basement. The exaggeration only goes to show the satirical side of this story. It pokes fun at all things the author loves… and I can tell Sakura loves this stuff. The story is lovingly crafted, each word chosen with precision. It’s such a smooth read.

There’s no bad in this story for me. True, pegging isn’t one of my big kinks, so the heat level wasn’t that hot for me personally, but if YOU enjoy femdom and pegging (which I do enjoy femdom, and OMG Akane had me in stitches), this will be a hot, funny, and satisfying read for you. I give it ten out of ten cum-stained anime cuddle pillows. Now, pardon me while I go back to fangirling.

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Review~The Beast by J.R. Ward

Title: The Beast 
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #14
Author: J. R Ward
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 508
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

Nothing is as it used to be for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. After avoiding war with the Shadows, alliances have shifted and lines have been drawn. The slayers of the Lessening Society are stronger than ever, preying on human weakness to acquire more money, more weapons, more power. But as the Brotherhood readies for an all-out attack on them, one of their own fights a battle within himself…

For Rhage, the Brother with the biggest appetites, but also the biggest heart, life was supposed to be perfect—or at the very least, perfectly enjoyable. Mary, his beloved shellan, is by his side and his King and his brothers are thriving. But Rhage can’t understand—or control—the panic and insecurity that plague him…

And that terrifies him—as well as distances him from his mate. After suffering mortal injury in battle, Rhage must reassess his priorities—and the answer, when it comes to him, rocks his world…and Mary’s. But Mary is on a journey of her own, one that will either bring them closer together or cause a split that neither will recover from…


To all of the paranormal romance authors out there:

Whatever J.R Ward is doing, take notes, because this is how to get it done. I’m gonna rant here for just a minute. This genre is dying a slow death for me personally. I have read a lot of authors in this genre and the few I liked have disappointed me in the last couple of years. I’m not gonna mention names because I still believe these authors are good but just don’t work for me. Writing about characters nobody gives a shit about or losing their heat levels. So when I’m asked to suggest a paranormal author, I always go straight to Ward. Other than Phury’s book, she’s never disappointed me. Rant over.

Rhage and Mary! I love them soooo much! My heart is so damn full right now. I can hardly stand it! I just wanna rub my face in this book. I know there are people out there that don’t like Ward writing multiple books about her characters but they need to get over it. I also know that people have left the series after The Shadows, nut up or don’t read. The choice is yours. Sorry, still ranting.

Mary and Rhage have ben having problems connecting lately. Not in the physical sense but more in the emotional sense. Mary has been putting in a lot of hours at the abused women center for vampires. At the end of the previous book, a female vampire was at the center with her baby and daughter. The mother and baby died leaving the daughter an orphan. Mary forms a tentative bond with the girl being her counselor. This stirs up a lot of memories for Mary. Her mom’s death, her cancer and her inability to bear children. She had accepted all of this but with the little girl, Bitty’s loss, all that she has lost comes rushing to the surface. Rhage has an incident with L.W. and now he’s confused and ashamed of his feelings about wanting a family. Watching them work through this was as sweet as it was gut wrenching.

Vishous had a lot of page time and I can only guess he will also get a second book.

You get little sprinkles of Wrath, Beth, Zsadist, Manny, Jane, Payne, Tohr, Autumn, John Matthew, Qhuinn, Blay, Butch and Marissa.

Xcor was in there too-no spoilers here.

Layla was busy still being pregnant but with drama.

Assail. He’s helping Wrath with something in this book. Still not a fan but I didn’t hate him.

I loved the book. Every damned part of it.
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Review~Dirty by Kylie Scott

Title: Dirty 
Series: Dive Bar #1
Author: Kylie Scott
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 288
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her.

Lydia Green doesn’t know whether to burn down the church or sit and cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out it’s with his best man is another thing all together. She narrowly escapes tying the knot and meets Vaughan only hours later.

Vaughan is the exact opposite of the picture perfect, respected businessman she thought she’d marry. This former musician-turned-bartender is rough around the edges and unsettled. But she already tried Mr. Right and discovered he’s all wrong-maybe it’s time to give Mr. Right Now a chance.

After all, what’s wrong with getting dirty?


Being a big fan of the Stage Dive series, I was super excited to read this one. It was okay but not up to par with her other books in my opinion. It started off great. I mean, who doesn’t love a runaway bride? But after that, Meh.

The heroine was a plus size girl, which I loved. You got to see her insecurities in a real feeling light. She was a very likable and I enjoyed her part of the story.

The hero was good also. An almost rock star turned bartender. He was described as sexy, but not so much for me. He was a strawberry blonde. I’m not a huge fan of red haired heroes. Just a personal preference, but it was not sexy for me. He was sweet for sure though.

I never connected with the story or secondary characters. I didn’t care about them or their stories. I like Kylie Scott’s books but this one fell short for me.

Book given in exchange for an honest review via the publisher and NetGalley.
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Review~You Can’t Always Get The Marquess You Want by Alexandra Hawkins

Title: You Can’t Always Get The Marquess You Want 
Series: Master of Seduction #2
Author: Alexandra Hawkins
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 353
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch


They call him Chance, though in truth the Marquess of Fairlamb feels bitterly cursed: A long-ago family feud is still standing in the way of his heart’s desire. Lady Tempest is the daughter of his father’s sworn enemy, the Marquess of Norgrave. She is beautiful, innocent, and utterly untouchable. But some seductions are just too good to resist…

Turns out Tempest is a woman of her own mind—and a true romantic who will overcome every obstacle to be with the man of her dreams. But the odds are against handsome, wickedly charming Chance if he intends to win Tempest as his bride. Will he choose loyalty to his family—or risk everything he has for the woman he yearns for?


The Hatfields and McCoys. The Montagues and the Capulets. Feuding families and love stories. I know it’s wrong on several levels but I love this trope. Enemies to lovers? OMG, yes! Me please! Oh, please, please, please. The Rookes and the Brants now join those feuding families in the literary world.

Mathias Rooke is the oldest son of a Duke. He’s good looking, smart, a bit of a brawler and a bit of a womanizer. He still likes his bachelorhood and it’s many perks. He’s been raised to dislike and steer clear of the Brants. When he and his friends are swimming one day, he realizes that he’s being watched. The watcher is a dark haired female. She flees the scene of the crime and he and his friends give chase.

Tempest Brant is the daughter of a Duke also. The eldest daughter and also the one with a failed match from the last season. She’s content being single until she finds the ONE. Her father would be content if she made a favorable match. On an outing she wanders off for a moment of peace and quiet. What she finds are three men swimming naked. When she realizes she’s been spotted, she runs back to her family.

Mathias, AKA Chance finds out too late that the woman he was chasing after is a Brant. He’s intrigued by her beauty and feisty attitude. Can you see past the sins of your parents? The lies? The over protectiveness? The secrecy? Can you do that to get to the love of a lifetime? Chance and Tempest are about to find out.

I liked this book so much better than it’s predecessor. This one felt like Alexandra Hawkins to me. I’m eagerly awaiting stories on all of the Rookes, Brants and their collection of friends.

Book given in exchange for an honest review vis the publisher and NetGalley.
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Mindy’s Adventure to the 2016 BDSM Writers Con in Everett WA





Well here we are again… I feel like I just wrote a review on the 2015 BDSM Writers Con in NYC last August. Oh wait! I did 😀 You can read that review HERE if you like.

So, BDSM Writers Con is officially bicoastal, holding their first ever West Coast conference in Everett Washington on March 31 – April 3, 2016. I am honored to have been a part of that and witnessed its success. Also… this is the ONLY conference in the world that is dedicated to educating readers and writers about BDSM.

I’ve got to admit… this is my favorite book conference that I’ve ever been to. Why? Because its informative, educational, interactive and everyone treats you as if you are part of the family. Yes, this is a conference for writers of BDSM but it is also a conference for readers, bloggers, lifestylers, the curious, the vanilla and the open minded. I have learned so much since my first BWC (BDSM Writers Con) in NYC and what I have learned can also be used in my everyday life. I have discovered things that I can use at work, at my kids school, at home in and out of the bedroom. So with all that being said, I would like to thank Dr. Charley Ferrer for putting together a great conference and shinning a positive light on this literary genre and lifestyle and putting the correct information out there. I also wanted to give a shout out to Rose C. Carole because I know she works a lot behind the scenes. Thank you for all the hard work you do so people like me can have all the fun. ❤

I’ll be seeing you all at the next BDSM Writers Con NYC this coming August 18-21 2016!









Here it goes… I MUST gush about my BWC experience in Everett Washington. I have been so excited about this since the BWC in NYC ended and I immediately registered for the Everett Con. (Side note… if you are considering going to the next con, I would highly recommend registering ASAP. You can put it in a payment plan and that is definitely the way to go. Email me if you have questions.) Anyway, I planned my dungeon outfit months in advance and actually ended up with two different styles. Bonus for me! The closer the Everett Con got, the more excited I became. I was like a super charged energizer bunny!





I’m very lucky because I get to go on this adventure with one of my best friends from KC, Dee. Dee and I boarded the plane and sat next to a very nice (and attractive) military man named Rich from Alaska. Dee does not like to fly and she had squeezed my hand so hard that not only did she leave finger indentions, but actual finger prints on my hand. LOL! But Dee survived take off and was fine for the rest of the flight. I also need to give her kudos because on the way home, she did a really good job and didn’t even hold my hand.





We arrive in Seattle and have a car waiting for us which was an amazing, sleek and sexy town car. I know… who cares…. it’s just a car. But that car was just for me and Dee only and that is what makes it special for us. It got dark pretty fast, so we didn’t really get to see a lot on the way to the hotel, however we did get to see the space needle from the highway. 🙂

Since I poorly planned the timing of our trip, Dee and I were late (but not too late) to the unofficial kick off meet and greet at Blue Water Distilling. I had the special drink they made our group called “Spank Me” and it was AMAZBALLS! I’m not a drinker and this was so delicious. After we all had our Spank Me drink and ate, Dr. Charley had everyone go around the room and introduce themselves; authors, readers/bloggers, editors, publishers or whatever you wanted to say about yourself in 60 seconds or less, just like a munch. This is why I wanted to go to the kickoff at Blue Water Distilling and if you are new to BWC then I highly recommend you attend this kickoff. I promise you… it will make you more comfortable while at the conference and you get to meet people just like YOU. 🙂







Ahh! Day one BWC. Dee and I wake up REALLY early because we are still on KC time. So we decide to go outside for a nice brisk walk. WELL… I had no idea the temperature would be in the 30’s (or so it felt). So we used the hotel gym instead and then decided to brave the cold to walk to the nearest coffee stand. We went to Marathon Coffee and it was DAMN good coffee. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Anyway, we walked back to the hotel and got ready for the day’s activities.

Registration is from 9am to 11am. I have a raffle ticket addiction from BWC in NYC so I purchased some raffle tickets to win some super awesome prizes and I did win some really kick ass stuff. Dee and I took a stroll down what I call vendor alley. They have the best stuff in vendor alley. I wanted to buy everything but knew I needed to pace myself. After this I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Reed James! He is so awesome 😀 When he told me that he was also going to this conference I jumped up and squealed with excitement. I just about pissed myself. LOL! 

Then the opening ceremony with Dr. Charley and our Keynote Speaker triple dipped in awesome sauce, Tiffany Reisz. Tiffany Reisz gave the most amazing speech ever and I really hope she gets around to posting it online for everyone to read. It’s very insightful and touching and I actually teared up a bit that morning. Fantastic author and we were all in the presence of greatness. If you haven’t read her books yet… you are missing out. Fantastic author and her words are like magic the way they come together so perfectly.





Now the conference is really getting started. For each time session you get two workshops to choose from. This way you can create your own experience. Kind of like a “choose your adventure” book. I’m only writing about the workshops that I attended and I wish I could have attended all of them. If you want to see the entire program schedule, CLICK HERE. You can also register for the next BWC in New York this coming August 😉 Now let the festivities begin!

First is “BDSM Truths“. What Everyone Should Know presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer. I attended this workshop in NYC and it was essentially the same. What I like about this is that it gives everyone a tiny taste of whats to come. It covers a very broad spectrum of BDSM in general. But we only have an hour so Dr. Charley picks a few things out and discusses that. My favorite part about this is when Dr. Charley has everyone try out what it feels like to be Dominate and Submissive in the most basic of ways and then asks us (if you want to) how it felt in each of those positions. Some are more comfortable in the Dominate position and some are more comfortable in the submissive position.





Next is “Negotiations and BDSM Etiquette“, presented by Allena, CSPC (Center for Sex Positive Culture). First let me say that Allena is a really good speaker. She brought up a lot of great information and talked about the importance of safety. There are creeps everywhere in the world and Allena provided some great tips on being safe, negotiating and BDSM club etiquette. She gave everyone a handout called “10 Golden Rules for Negotiations (by Master Dale of I’m not going to go into great detail about that because I truly believe that everyone should come to this conference and find out for yourself. Allena brought up points that I would have never thought about, like a safety call and making sure that the other person asks about any health issues such as bad knees or whatever. Allena really makes you feel at ease and lets everyone know that we are not alone and we are all people just like everyone else.

After that is “BDSM & The Law“, presented by NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom): Judy and Richard. The other workshop that was going on at the same time was The “History of Birch” presented by the amazing Delilah Marvelle. Unfortunately I did not attend either of these workshops. I did attend the BDSM & the Law while I was in NYC last August and it was really eye opening. I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when Dr. Charley announces the raffle winners which is done at the end of the days workshops. My KC friends and I had such good luck last year that I was hoping to have the same luck this year. Well… no luck today. Ginger was the big winner 🙂 Lucky girl and she totally deserved all of it. She has such a wonderful and positive attitude.

As our day comes to an end, we all venture off to have some snacks and drinks at the Terracotta Red Restaurant. They were delicious, but I needed substance. Dee, Reed James and I went to Denny’s. Yes… Denny’s and it was exactly what I needed at the time. 🙂 Then it was time to go back to our hotel rooms and get a good nights rest for the next days shenanigans.





Good Morning BWC! Dee and I woke up early again, went to Denny’s with Reed for some breakfast then headed back to BWC. The first workshop was “The Good, the Bad, and the Poly” presented by Allena, CSPC. I don’t really know anything about polyamory so that is why I decided to sit in on this workshop. Again, Allena is a wonderful speaker and had a hand out called “Some of Our Principles We Try to Live and Relate By”. I am very happy for anyone that can successfully do this. I am way too jealous of a person to share my husband and I have a ton of insecurities and it would eat at my brain and heart. However I really appreciate Allena’s point of view on it. I really wish I could remember exactly what she said about accepting in your heart and the jealousy significantly decreasing and/or going away. I also really like the family and support part of the poly lifestyle. You can tell that she is loved and has lots of love to give. It was very touching and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and hearing her story.

For me…. I still wouldn’t be able to live this way because I’ll throat punch someone.





The next workshop is “Demystifying Dominant women & submissive men“, presented by the amazing Rhiannon Ayers. Right before the BWC I had just finished the BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015 (my review here) which included authors, by Roz Lee, Arlee Scott, Gray Dixon, Kestra Gravier, Cris Anson, Elizabeth SaFleur, Becca Jameson, Alaska Angelini, Rhiannon Ayers and edited by Charley Ferrer. Rhiannon had a short story in there called The “Pleasure Is All Mine” and I absofuckinglutley loved it! Sorry if I got my fangirl all over the place and I got to ride the elevator with her. I tried to keep myself under control. Ahem… back on track here. So Rhiannon had a wonderful workshop on Dominant women and what it means for her. She is educating others on breaking the stereotype of a Dominant woman. Not everyone is dressed like a Dominatrix and makes men wear pink underwear. There are some out there who do, but that is not the majority. I really appreciated the light she shined on the topic and I hope to hear more about Dominate women at future conferences.





Up next on the agenda is “Realistic Sex, Really?” presented by the romance, sci-fi and fantasy author Jean Johnson. I really enjoyed this workshop and I’m not an author. She has a way of explaining things in such a way that makes you feel like maybe you are having that same experience. I loved that she encourages authors/aspiring authors to “try it for yourself” if you can. You have to make sure that you have all the body parts in the right areas and that people can move that way. I have read books where there is no possible way a guy can be eating a girl out and kissing her at the same time while finger fucking her ass. Yes… this happens. Jean Johnson sounds like she really does her homework to bring the reader the most realistic and entertaining stories possible. I have added all her books to my TBR. 🙂

Another workshop I attended was “Switched ON! -Living Life on Both Sides of The Slash“. Very interesting workshop to hear about living as a switch. Plus I really liked that our presenter shared her personal story and pictures of her family with us. That made it more relatable. She also pulled out her giant bag of goodies and told us that we can all shop for kinky toys almost anywhere. Like Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot (aka Dom Depot).

Mary Ann presented the next workshop on “Dominance – Taking the Leading Role“. This was an interesting workshop on what it means to be dominant to us personally. We covered some vocabulary to make sure we all understood what some of the lingo means (Dominant, submissive, Top, bottom, Switch). I think this workshop was more focused on authors but it was good to listen in on.

After the last workshop everyone moves into vendor ally to hear who won the raffles. And guess what…. I WON A CANE from Rods by Rane! Its so fucking pretty ❤ and there is a twist in it that gives is a little extra bite. I love it and have already used it. Thank you Rods by Rane for the wonderful raffle prize 🙂





Finally Saturday! This is my most favorite part of the conference. Its demo day and then an evening in the dungeon. I’m so fucking excited I can hardly contain myself. BUT I do have to be out in the general public so I need to act cool….





First workshop is “Canes“. Wow! Just… wow! What a sensational and informative workshop. We learned about the materials Hunter uses for his canes (rods) and how to properly use the cane. He talked about safety and places on the body that you will want to avoid, such as the kidney area (which is the same for all impact play). Different sizes and shapes have different feelings and can leave different marks. So, when Hunter asked who wanted to try it out… guess who volunteered first 😉 you guessed it… ME! After I was asked a few safety questions, I bent over the couch arm and proudly presented my jean covered ass and was rewarded with some really tasty strikes across my derriere. I did not want it to end, but unfortunately, I was not the only person in the room who wanted to try. Close to the end of the workshop, our presenter and his lovely assistant demonstrated how he uses his rods with music. It was very beautiful and the way the rods/canes are made, reflect the light magnificently AND it really is an eye catching and interesting show. This workshop was by far my most favorite and I really hope this one comes back year after year.





P.S. Later when I saw our presenter in the dungeon I wanted to ask for another tasting but he was popular and I didn’t get a chance. Note to self… set that shit up EARLY 😉

Spanking, Flogging and Impact Play… oh my!” This is another workshop presented by Mary Ann who is fantastic to listen to and watch. I know she is known as the “Sweet and Innocent Domme“, and I can see how she can draw you in because she has a sweet and calming presence about her. However, she will warn you herself, that she isn’t all that sweet when she has a flogger or paddle in her hand. She went over various impact play devices, games you can play with them and even busted out some pop rocks. 😉

Next was “Interrogations and Edge Play” and I was SOOOO looking forward to this one and I was not disappointed. This workshop is more on the hardcore side of BDSM which is what I like. He talked about safety first, negotiation, mind fucks, kidnapping, gay porn and jerk off material. My ears perk up like someone just said FREE CHEESECAKE! My mouth is watering and my heart rate kicked up a notch and I cant wait to hear more. Also, if you know me then you know I super love gay porn. Men are sexy and even sexier when they are together. Mmmmm DELICIOUS!





Our presenter pulled out his ginormous bag of goodies and talked about each of them and passed a few around so we could all get a better look and feel. He brought a very beautiful assistant with him and together they demonstrated negotiations and how to negotiate from yes, instead of no. For example, I ask if using a cane is okay and you say yes. Then I ask where specifically and you can tell me not on the head and feet but everywhere else is okay. That is negotiating from yes. Anyway, our presenter asked someone from the room to pick a toy and he would use it on his assistant. Someone said clothes pins, which seemed to be the least painful option. Well… I guess it depends on how you use them. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and this is another one I think should be brought back year after year. There is a lot of information to cover in this workshop and I don’t think we even scratched the surface.





Up next is the “SM Exploratorium“. This workshop had a lot of different presenters. One of them was Lady Linda from Lover’s Lair Inc. I attended this workshop last year and DeTails Toys was the presenter. This workshop (in NYC) is where I discovered my love for flogging. I also came home with a special souvenir from that workshop and had little bruises on my ass. I was looking to do the same this year. Well, it was not the same but I did still enjoy it. There were five different stations set up with various floggers, electrical play, paddles, nipple thingies, boot blacking, blood play and so much more. My friend Dee went to the other class that was going on at the same time, Violet Wand with Traveling Fool. So it was just Reed and I in here together. Although I learned about new and interesting things, I would have really liked it if we could have felt what it was like for someone who knew what they were doing to use it on us. On the flip side of that, we did get to touch everything and everyone was very open and did show us how to use some of the items. Christine let me try my hand at flogging her 🙂





Then here we are… the very last raffle of the conference and I have most of my raffle tickets in the Whip donated by Quality Whips. I also put in for the beautiful blue rod donated by Rods by Rane and then finally, a cute blindfold, nipple clamps and a ball gag donated by StockRoom. And guess what again…. I won the blindfold, nipple clamps and the ball gag from StockRoom!! YEAH! The ball gag is too big for me, but it does fit my husband perfectly. 😉

After the raffle, there were so many fun things I wanted to buy at vendor alley and I had been eyeing this leather slapper or a red crop from Lady Linda at Lover’s Lair inc. I decided to buy the leather slapper. It fit well in my hand and I really liked the weight of it. I have used it a couple times now and I really enjoy getting spanked and also spanking my husband with it. I also have to give a shout out to Lady Linda. She is super nice and informative and also a little scary. I really enjoyed talking to her and I love the wide variety of toys she had to offer.





And now, the moment we have all be waiting for… DUNGEON night!





I went to the dungeon in NY at the last BWC. It was interesting but didn’t really work out well for me because it was way too crowded and I didn’t get to try anything out. But this year BWC brought the dungeon to us! Right in the hotel and we didn’t have to go anywhere. People were working all day and night to put this thing together and they did a wonderful job. Bravo to all of you that worked your asses off to bring this amazing experience to our front door.

Dee and I head up to our room to get ready and we are super excited and nervous. But more excited than nervous. We have had our outfits planned for a while and now we get to wear them in public. By the way…. Dee looked amazing!





I’m over here like…. I’m gonna get spanked like I just took the last Oreo cookie in a room full of starving people!





So Dee and I meet Reed in the lobby and head off to the dungeon.





Dee… I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. At first it was awkward. Nobody really knew what to do so we all walked in just checking things out.





Then things started to happen. There was someone on the St. Andrews Cross getting whipped with a singletail in one corner, there was some heavy impact play about halfway in, then the bondage chair started out with a little knife play and then moved to some vampire gloves and other delightful and delicious things. The violet wand was in another corner and then a bondage suspension station in another corner. Which… if you ever get the opportunity to watch, it really is pretty spectacular to witness. In the next room was another St. Andrews Cross and a boot blacking station. There was quite a bit of screaming and laughter all over the place. It was awesome!





All my senses were on overload and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I want to try everything but I have on a damn corset and I’m for sure not taking that thing off. So I end up just watching for a while.





Master Brian walks over to us and asks if this is our first time in a dungeon. We talk for a bit and he asks me if I would like to learn how to use a singletail whip. HELLZ YES! So he is talking to me about the materials, how to spot a good one vs a bad one and talks about the length and how to get that cracking sound from the whip. He lets me see what it feels like so Im not so scared of it and I’ll admit… it was pretty nice. A quiet and sweet little sting. I was so scared of these things because I have seen what they can do to the skin. Well… I’m not afraid anymore. Master Brian was amazing and showed me the “East and West Coast” style (I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a side to side swing). I didn’t get to learn for too much longer because Master Brian got called to the suspension station to help. We didn’t stay too much longer after that. The conference has a way of zapping the energy right out of you.







Sunday… the official last day of the conference. Dee and I have a VERY difficult time waking up. We slept late and just let the beds suck our bodies into the mattress. But we deserved it. We had been getting up early everyday and the closing ceremony didn’t start until 11:00 am. So we took full advantage. Dr. Charley did the closing ceremony, thanked sponsors, supporters and everyone who helped put the dungeon together. Some people shared their thoughts and experience and it was great listening to each individual one. After that was the Book Fair and a stroll through vendor alley. Then… that was it. I can’t believe it’s over.

Dee and I click our heals together three times and say “there’s no place like home” and off to Kansas we go.





For me, this is my forth book conference and second BDSM Writers Con and as a reader and blogger, it was insightful, energetic, informative and always fun. East coast and West coast have a different atmosphere but in a good way. It was really interesting to see and experience those differences. I have found a family with everyone who attended, presented and organized. This is a conference that ALL writers of BDSM should attend. I would also challenge bloggers, reviewers, the curious and the experienced to attend. Each time you go, there is always something new to learn. I am shy, have serious insecurities and a little bit of an introvert. By attending the unofficial kick off meet and greet, it really does calm your nerves and makes you realize that everyone there is exactly like you. This also helps you relax so you can enjoy the conference. There are several things I love about BWC but one of them is how all the presenters and organizers are very open to questions you might have. They will answer questions as best as they can, if they can and if they can’t, they will direct you to someone who can. As an attendee you get to learn, feel, hear and process different experiences. With the multiple workshop options you can choose what you are most interested in or want to learn more about or skip a workshop and do whatever you want. The dungeon is an entirely different experience. It’s like you get a window into something that you have been curious about but never knew how to get there. BWC brings this to you. You are not required to do anything. This is your conference and your experience so make it what you want.





I also want to give a special shout out to author Reed James for kicking ass and hanging out with little ol’ me.





In my BWC NYC review last August, I also discussed the hotel we stayed at, which you an see HERE. So I will briefly discuss the Holiday Inn that we stayed at in Everett. My first thought when I found out we would be staying and having the dungeon at the Holiday Inn was… really? But to my surprise it was actually a really good experience. All the staff were great and easy to work with. Everyone smiled at you as you walked down the hall. Nobody gave you weird or dirty looks and didn’t treat you as if you had cooties. The cost was VERY reasonable, there was a coffee maker, mini fridge, hot water for the shower and the air conditioning worked. All the things I just mentioned were issues I had while staying at the Doubletree in NYC. Don’t be discouraged… Dr. Charley is looking for a new hotel for the conference this August. 🙂 The Holiday Inn was wonderful and I really enjoyed my stay. When I travel again, I will be seeking out a Holiday Inn.







Mindy’s tips for first timers:


1. Do go to the meet and greet or “unofficial” kickoff. Being new to this convention can be intimidating. Going to this meet and greet will help loosen you up, make new friends and everyone will make you feel comfortable. Everyone at some point has been the new person.

2. Don’t be afraid to approach people. I can be very shy until I get to know someone and I’m a bit of an introvert. So approaching people I don’t know can be difficult. I tend to blend into the background and watch people. It’s ok to blend and watch, but try to put yourself out there. I promise you won’t regret it. Anyone you talk to will be willing to help you, no matter what it is.

3. Do bring a friend or friends. I’m even more of an introvert if I am alone. Having my friends with me helps me feel comfortable and brave and gives me someone to talk to. Going to any convention is even more fun when you bring friends.

4. Don’t over pack for this trip! You will want to save some space in your luggage for all the amazing swag you’ll be getting and all the things you buy from the vendors.

5. Do register for the Con as early as possible to get the best prices. Book your hotel room sooner rather than later. It is no fun to go to a convention in one hotel and then have to go to another to drop off your swag or prizes and then head back. Trust me on this…

6. Don’t feel like you have to attend all the workshops if you don’t want to. Although all the workshops I attended were really good, if you want to rest or do a little sightseeing, then go do it. You are not required to do anything.

7. Do bring something to wear to the BDSM Club. If you are already a party player then you probably have something to wear. If you’re like me and don’t have anything like that in your closet, then you can never go wrong with black. A corset with a black skirt is good and be sure to have some sexy shoes to go with it. If that is not your flavor then a nice black slacks with a black shirt or leather, vinyl, lace or rubber. If you are uncertain, ask Dr. Charley. Actually… I would always double check with her to see what the dress code is.

8. Do ask questions if you are uncertain about something. There is no such thing as a silly question.

9. Do have fun and relax! Enjoy the experience.


So who is ready for BDSM Writers Con in NYC August 18 – 21, 2016 with Keynote speaker Sierra Cartwright. I will be there again and I am SUPER EXCITED to see what new things I can learn and experience.







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