Cover Reveal ~ NEW taboo author Emma Jack



Teaching My Stepdaughter (Teaching You Taboo Collection Book 1) by Emma Jack




I’d been watching my stepdaughter, Heather, grow into a beautiful woman.
Waiting has never been something I could do, but I did for her.
She was now eighteen and ready for me to teach her a few things Daddy liked.



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Expected release date: June 13, 2017

COVER REVEAL ~ The Masters M.C.#1 – Property Of by B.B. Blaque




Title: Property Of
Series: The Masters M.C. Book: #1
Author: B.B. Blaque
Genre: M.C. Romance/BDSM/Erotica/Suspense
Release Date: February 9th, 2016





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A Riches to Doo Rags Story
Sometimes the wrong side of the tracks is the right place to be.

The Masters M.C. #1-Property Of
Fall in love with Tuesday and Colt…and with the Masters M.C.

Embark on a journey that begins with a dusty pair of boots and a near collision on the side of a foggy, country road.

Meet a different kind of American motorcycle club—part outlaw, part BDSM Master, all code and heart.

Tuesday has been running on empty for years, that changes when she almost literally collides with Colt, the president of THE MASTERS M.C. A born outlaw, Colt has created something new, and Tuesday finds herself wondering if the sexy, tattooed biker is a sinner, or saint, as she rides on the back of his Harley, into a world she could never imagine.

Running from a past she didn’t want, one she didn’t dare know, and fearing for her life. She learns NOT ALL FAMILY IS BLOOD related, and some of the deepest roots are forged in LEATHER, INK & CHROME.

When a suit wearing PSYCHOPATH from the past comes to claim her, she glimpses first-hand the protection her new, leather-clad family has to offer.

The initial buds form on the family tree, and the brutal, suspenseful ride toward the birth of a new breed of biker.

As the first seeds are sown to grow the sassy, would-be debutante, into the slave Colt knows will make the bloodshed worthwhile.

Along with Tuesday, what both lifestyles are really about, on her journey to becoming…PROPERTY OF









About the Author



BB Blaque buttonI live the BDSM lifestyle, as a submissive, and have for many years, so when I write it comes from knowledge of the subject matter. I have also been involved, in some way, with bikers, and motorcycle clubs since I was a teenager. What I write doesn’t come from research; it comes from living the lifestyles and writing what I know.

I write beautifully flawed characters who ultimately find, perfection is not a prerequisite. Our flaws are what make us unique and some flaws complement each other better than others.

I love BDSM (Male dominant/female submissive.) There’s something that just feels so right about a man wearing the pants (especially when he wears them well and fills them nicely.) I am interested in the psychological aspects of relationships in general and especially when there is a power-exchange dynamic.

My world would stopping revolving if not for heavy rock music (and the wonderfully talented people who make it.) Music and it’s makers will definitely be strongly visible in my work. I listen, I remember…I listen, I’m inspired…to write…to love…to fuck…to live.

I hope I will weave these things together in ways people will enjoy and connect with.


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Angel to Butterfly: Golden Doll

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Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master

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Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master

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Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master

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Now we just wait a couple more weeks for the book to come out. I can’t wait for everyone to read this book!




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Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Searing Ecstasy by Setta Jay

Today is the Cover Reveal for Setta Jay’s upcoming book, Searing Ecstasy and I am so happy to be helping with the reveal. Who’s ready to see it?








Blurb coming soon!

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About The Author



setta jay The sad truth is that I’m not nearly as entertaining as fiction. *Wink* I am a thirty-seven year old stay at home writer, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband. We’ve been together for thirteen years and I still love waking up next to that sexy man. We lost our furry child recently, so we are childless at the moment. Our whole world revolved around her. Needless to say, I love animals, especially dogs. Okay, maybe not all animals, I’m not a super big fan of monkeys. Any animal that throws their feces kind of eeks me out. I may, or may not, have a problem with candy. I love any research that leads to Neiman Marcus’ online shoe department. Spreadsheets give me way more happiness than they should. I love to read, the dirtier the better. It all started with the naughty historical romances by Judith McNaught that I devoured as a teenager. I love reading about hot, sexy alpha males and heroines that are smart enough to live.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Newletter | Amazon Author Page



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Hidden Ecstasy prequel (free)

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Ecstasy Unbound #1

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Ecstasy Claimed #2

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Denying Ecstasy #3

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Tempting Ecstasy #4

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Piercing Ecstasy #5

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Binding Ecstasy #6
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Bundle Pack book 1-3

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Cover Reveal ~ Scrupulous by Kristina Canady







Title: Scrupulous
An Affliction of Falling Novel
Author: Kristina Canady
Release Date – August 1st
Pre-Order Available now for only $1.99



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Some men just can’t accept that a woman can be perfectly content without them. I mean, come on; a girl can get laid anytime she wants, it’s not like it’s hard. And lord knows, I have no interest in a relationship, there is no time for that drama-filled nonsense. Pursuing my passion in life is all that I have time for. Selfish and short sighted? Perhaps, but I know what I want out of life and have no problem going after it. Life is a string of decisions, constructed and manifested by us. I own mine and don’t apologize for it either.

Defined by my past, I hadn’t ever considered love as an option for someone like me. That is, until I spotted that sweet little brunette from across the crowded room. It was magnetic, and as much as she tried to resist, I was going to have her. Come heaven or high water, she would be mine.







About The Author



What inspired you to write your first Novel? “My girlfriends and I were sitting around discussing our latest reads, all the perfect Cinderella type romance novels that are out there and how we would like to read something that more could relate to. I have been an avid reader since I was a child and love to write, so I decided to write something for us. A not so perfect love story; one that had a little humor, tied in some vampires, a little adult content, morally hard choices and was a satisfying read for all those hard working readers who want some good ole’ junk food for the brain when they come home after a long day at work.”

Raised in California she moved to Colorado to pursue her education and fell in love with the area as well as her now husband. After pushing through college class by class with a few maternity breaks in between, she graduated. Her four year degree took a bit longer to complete as life led her down a scenic route.

Though Kristina loved her art and literature classes in college she put that to the side in order to start her career in nursing. After establishing her career she felt something was missing. While she adores being a nurse she felt her artistic side was calling and started to pick up her writing and painting again, setting aside a few hours a day on her day’s off. After a period of time she found that her short story had grown into her first novel. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels the greatest achievement in her art is creating works that bring enjoyment to others.

She continues to reside in Colorado with her husband and children. Kristina is working on the next installment of the Lunar Eclipse Series.

Follow the Author:
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Cover Design Team







Cover Reveal ~ Fallen by Heather Fleener



In the Very Beginning
Hell raised the Darkest Warriors
One with Greater Purpose than all others
The Dark Queen
Before the first Witch Queen was brought forth
A female of limitless power would rise
Maeve was interloper in the Realm, mired in divine secrets
Her Warrior
A fierce defender of the Light
A primeval act of betrayal forged Broderick’s fate
Setting him apart from the one he’d love since the
A Destiny that Predates Time
Two of the most powerful beings in creation
In search of Redemption
A fated destiny will take them down opposite paths
On a journey to forgiveness for the Fallen

Available July 2015
© 2015 Heather Fleener / Scurvy Palace Publishing
Cover designer: Mirella Santana





Welcome to the Realm
In the Beginning, there were Vampire…

Man’s fall from grace sparked the birth of the Dark creatures from the
underworld. To counter the explicit threat to mankind, divinely-created
immortals were brought forth. The Witch encompassed seven Castes of power;
their magic was most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil
The war has raged since the beginning of human history. Ancients of Light is
the series detailing the stories of the immortals that will fulfill an arcane
prophecy and bring about the conclusion of the supernatural conflict.







Heather lives in Indiana with her husband, D.A. and their twins, Thomas and Alexandra. Professionally she has spent her career working in the area of Intellectual Property law.

Reading has been a passion of hers since she was young. The romantic styles of Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood are her inspiration. Her fascination with the paranormal began to form at the young age of six, watching late-night ghost and vampire movies with her Grandpa. Unfortunately, as a result, she also remains afraid of the dark to this day.

Combining her love of epic romances and the supernatural was a natural progression for her imagination. When the idea for the Ancient of Light series began, it was an abstract storyline rambling around in her head to help kill a few miles on the treadmill. As the stories and plotlines continued to grow, it finally became necessary to put the words to paper and build the characters that had been living in the Realm in her head for months.

The series is a testament to many miles on the treadmill and lots of characters that insist on having their stories told.





Facebook: Facebook/AncientsOfLight

Amazon – Heather Fleener

Barnes and Noble – Heather Fleener

iTunes – Heather Fleener

Goodreads: Heather Fleener

Twitter: HeatherFleener

Blog: Fangs&Broomsticks

Pinterest: Ancients Of Light Boards

Google+: +HeatherFleener







Cover Reveal ~ The Voyeur Next Door by Airicka Phoenix



Title: The Voyeur Next Door
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Genre: NA Contemporary Erotic
*Warnings: Strong sexual content & language. (18+ Only)*
Release Date: April 27, 2015
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He lived next door.
Alison Eckrich was an expert at being invisible. Having been raised by a mother who saw only flaws, she had learned long ago to watch and never participate. Until him. He was gorgeous from what little she could make out through his bathroom window and he awakened things inside her she had always been told was wrong. But she didn’t care.

She was addicted.

Gabriel Madoc was no stranger to the cold sting of betrayal. His broken heart had left him hard and bitter and that was how he liked it. Until her. She was a vision in the soft twilight. Everything about her called to him. It didn’t even matter he couldn’t see her face.

He wanted her.

The rules were simple: No names. No faces. No attachments. They both had what the other needed so long as they never broke the rules. But what will happen when the mystery is unveiled and they both come face to face with the truth and each other? Is what they shared in the cloak of darkness enough to keep them together, or will reality tear them apart?









Airicka Phoenix is a hopeless romantic with a dark imagination and an incurable addiction to chocolate. She is also the author of several novels written for young adult and new adult romance readers who like bad boys, hot kisses and a gritty plot. Airicka prides herself in producing quality material her readers can fall in love with again and again.

When she’s not hard at work bleeding words onto paper, Airicka can be found cuddling with her family, reading, watching TV shows, or just finding excuses to avoid doing chores.

To find out about upcoming books, teasers, giveaways and more, join her newsletter or check out her!


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Cover Reveal ~ Feeling White by Charlotte E Hart




Feeling WHITE (Book Two In The White Trilogy)
By Charlotte E Hart


Mr. White is COMING SOON!







“How did you like not breathing?” I don’t even have words for that so I just stare back and wonder what else he’s got in his box of sexual tricks, who knew not breathing was one of them? “Quite debilitating isn’t it? Somewhat euphoric though in the right moment.”

I’m still panting for air, and again, no fucking words at all, only some strange quivering that continues to ride itself all over my skin as I try to bring some semblance of order back to my frazzled brain.

“I think I’ll have a pole installed in the bedroom,” Oh Christ he was watching me! My eyes widen, “Quite the performance,” he says as he slowly pulls out of me and reaches to straighten my jeans. I shuffle them back up and do my belt up as he sorts himself out.

Why I’m suddenly embarrassed of my dancing is beyond me so I drop my head a little and watch him running his hands through his literally just fucked dark hair with a permanent smile on his handsome face. He slants his eyes toward me, “Are you looking at the floor Miss Scott?” he says with that rising brow of his, “because we both know how I feel about that,” my head shoots up again.

“Yes, I just…. I didn’t know you were watching,” I reply as I sink back to the wall for balance and chew my thumbnail, mortified is not the word, but at least he’s not angry or some other ferocious emotional response.

“How could I not?” he says as he moves towards me, “You were hot as hell and completely immoral, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so lust worthy.”

Okay well I can feel better about myself then, clearly I’m not bad at that pole thing, and Christ he looks good, I so want him…… again. My core clenches fiercely as I look at his shoulders moving off then glance at his hands, all I want is for him to bend me over and do his worst, show me everything he’s got. I can’t even process my thoughts as to why but I know I want it, anyway he chooses.

“I think I need fucking again,” I blurt out without thinking as he extends his hand for mine. Even I can’t believe I’ve said it, and as I watch his eyes swing back to me sharply I groan at the snarl that meets me. He’s immediate in his glare of darkness, everything disappears apart from his eyes and the sudden proximity of his hand at my throat.





One-Click Book One Today!
Seeing WHITE (Book One In The White Trilogy)









Alexander White, the wealthy business man with looks to die for. Just like the other colours you’d think…….but no.

He came from a very different place and made some of his money a very different way.
And he keeps it well hidden because the truth would destroy everything he has. All that he’s worked for would be gone in an instant if they ever found out what he’s capable of, or what he really did and who he did it for. So he keeps people far away with metaphorical games and walls to deceive and confuse.
He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do emotions and he certainly doesn’t do love….. whatever the hell that might be.
He does money. Making it, manipulating it and spending it whist he plays with women who know what they’re signing up for when they walk in the room.
Three people shaped who he is today. One damaged him beyond repair, another taught him to control the rage, and a decent one helps him to consider his options more appropriately than his own head might allow.
But be under no illusions ladies, Mr White has not been a nice man, and he will probably never be a decent man but as long as he keeps up his image, and nothing gets through his barriers, no one will ever see the truth.

Life’s good for Elizabeth Scott, successful business, happy kitchen and a great sister who deals with all the expensive people so she doesn’t have to. She just cooks, bakes and smiles her way through each day……well most of the time anyway, that is when her great sister isn’t pushing her to, “get out there a bit more,” or “sort her shit out.”

Then the biggest contract of their lives comes up….. And the ever useless London tube, with her sister in it, catastrophically breaks down. Unfortunately that means only one thing, she’ll have to deal with some of that wealth herself and that means the devastating Mr Alexander White in all his glory.

Life suddenly couldn’t get worse, regardless of his unfairly gorgeous backside.

She has no idea what the hell she’s doing.







Charlotte is an erotic romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain with her partner and daughter. She’s lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an Event manager but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England. She graduated from college with a degree in Business and her Horse Riding Instructors Qualification, which eventually led her into the very bizarre world of outdoor pursuit’s event management where she trained to instruct all sorts of equipment. Some of which included crossbows, shotguns, quad bikes, 4×4 driving and archery, she’s not entirely sure how any of it happened but knows that she adored every minute.

Her love of reading started in college but the call to writing came much later in life after the birth of her daughter when she finally had the chance to put pen to paper for the first time. Writing has become a revolution for the soul and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop and tapping her way into a new character.

When not writing she enjoys socializing with close friends and travelling to all the major cities across the globe, travel has always been a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her thirst for stimulation.

With the release of her novel Seeing White, the first part of the White Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element of being a published author and learning as much as she can. She also very much looks forward to hopefully meeting some fans at some point.








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Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Mind Games by Rachel Dunning



Book Title:



His Mind Games (Mind Games #1)





Her Mind Games (Mind Games #2)





Release Date:
March 20, 2015



Hey pssst… *whispering*… Book One will be free on Release Day 🙂






An inner world of magic and power.
A lover. A night together—their first night.
And then—disaster. He lost his mind, but she knew the truth. She knew.
And so she ran, all the way down to Marfa Texas where she met…the man they call Jack.
A demon.
And now he has her.
And he’s playing Mind Games with her.





Contains explicit and detailed sexual content, violence and strong language. Only appropriate for readers aged 17 and older. (Or, if you live in France, whatever the acceptable social norm is there…)



Paranormal Romance
New-Adult Romance








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About The Author



Rachel Dunning has published over a million words of romantic fiction.

A prolific writer, she sticks to stories where women have guts and Alpha Males aren’t pricks.

Blog / Website:
Amazon Author Page:







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Cover Reveal ~ Storm Boxed Set by Tara Crescent






Storm Boxed Set by Tara Crescent


February 19, 2015






The Hottest Guy in Hollywood (Storm #1)Timothy Banks is Hollywood’s hottest star. He is funny, charming and utterly sexy.

I’m the girl who runs a pizza shop in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Population 2700.

He is a storm. I seek safe harbor. Timothy Banks does not belong in my life.

Why then, do I feel only yearning when I look at him?



Storm: Kinky Valentine (Storm #2) – Timothy Banks is Hollywood’s hottest star. He is funny, charming and utterly sexy.

I’m the girl who runs a pizza shop in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Population 2700.

He is a storm. I seek safe harbor. Timothy Banks does not belong in my life.

But somehow, we seem to have a date on Valentine’s Day.



Storm: A Road to Forgiveness (Storm #3) – Timothy Banks is Hollywood’s hottest star. He is funny, charming and utterly sexy.

Or so I thought, until he accused me of setting the paparazzi on him.

Where do we go from here?



Storm: Tabloid Trouble (Storm #4) – Timothy Banks is Hollywood’s hottest star. He is funny, charming and utterly sexy.

He accused me of setting the paparazzi on him, but I’ve forgiven him for that. He did have his reasons. Everything should be smooth sailing from this point on, right?

But the paparazzi are persistent, and everything is about to go very, very wrong for us.








The last two weeks of my life have been a fairy tale. Coffee shop girl meets famous actor. Lots of kinky games ensue. Much fun and sex is had.

But fairy tales have dark undertones. I am surrounded by a pack of

baying paparazzi, hungry for their scoop. I huddle in my apartment. Tim Banks,

my own personal Prince Charming, is flying back to Los Angeles in a few hours.

Now I have to decide whether I trust enough in love to fight for him, or if it is best to just let him go.



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About The Author



Hello, I’m Tara Cresent. I’ve always fantasized about being a mysterious spy, leading a secret double-life, and now, I find that that’s come true!

Sort of.

By day, I’m a mild-mannered corporate drone in Toronto, but by night, I’m limited only by my imagination; I sit, and I type, and I am a daring writer of BDSM, erotica and romance.

In my spare time, I write of course. I also read, garden, travel, cook, and almost never clean. I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix (zombie erotica, anyone?), and I’m impatiently awaiting the next episode of Doctor Who. (I would kill for a TARDIS.)

I’ve scribbled bits and pieces all my life, chiefly inspired by what I’m reading, which tends to be mainly science-fiction and fantasy, with a healthy sprinkling of romance and erotica thrown in.

I’m a huge believer in happily-ever-after, but tempered by real life, where happily-ever-after is possible, but takes work. My favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable; I like strong men and women who know what they want out of life, and are driven to get it.

I love reader email; I can be reached at

Happy reading and writing!

Mailing list:
Amazon: Buy Tara Crescent’s other books HERE

Cover Reveal ~ Black Dawn by Cristin Harber









Jared walked in, giving Parker the eye that said he’d have to explain the lady reading a book in the war room. So this conversation was going to get so much worse.

“What’s up?” Boss man grumbled.

Winters gave him a look long enough to answer, but he didn’t, so he turned to Jared. “Parker’s got problems.”

“I don’t have problems.”

“Then he has a chick with a problem.”

“Lady in my war room?” Jared’s eyes sliced to him. “Fix it.”

“Yeah. Working on it.”

Winters chuckled.

Jared pushed, eyeing the dynamic between him and Winters. “Fixed soon? Fixed, when?”

Parker rubbed his temples. “Think I need some time off.”

Jared’s brows bit together. “You need time off for a problem that you haven’t explained with a chick I know nothing about who is sitting my war room?”

“Yeah. Basically.” Though when it was laid out like that, it had a problematic vibe.

“No.” Jared’s boots turned and he pounded out of the room, growling as he went.

The headache punching at Parker’s temples worsened. “Alright, wait.”

Jared pivoted, hands on hips, and glared. “You have twenty seconds to try again.”

“The Union Station shooting, looks like… a buddy was the target but she lucked out and is now on the run.”

“And that buddy is a woman,” Winters added. “The woman.”

Jared frowned. “And she was at the safe house I just had to send a clean-up team to?”


“She’s your girl?” Jared looked a couple notches past his normal pissed off.

“No. Not my woman.”

“Then what is this about?”

Parker pulled a breath through his teeth. Explaining the intricacies of something Jared didn’t care for wouldn’t help his case. “First, it’s a hacker thing. Looks like she was targeted and she’s on the run.”

The line between Boss Man’s brows deepened. “A hacker thing?”

“More or less.”

“And your woman’s involved.”

“I don’t have a woman.”

“But still, she’s the one in my war room that you had at a compromised safe house?”

Frustration wasn’t making this explanation any easier. “Yeah—”

Winters, staring over Parker’s shoulder, whistled low and long. “Tell me that’s not her.”

Parker followed his gaze but already knew what was there. The perfect beauty he’d pulled from security footage. Lexi Dare. The woman was all woman.

“That’s her.” He nodded, suddenly not interested in having either married man looking at her.

“Thought you were smart.” Jared shook his head. “Fuck me, I was wrong.”


“Man, you do not think you need some time off. Something looking like that running free with some attack dog after her, you say call up the fuckin’ troops, we’ve got work to do.”

Parker blinked. “This is off the books.”

“Everything’s off the books.”

“This doesn’t pay.”

“The best jobs don’t.”

Parker leaned back in his chair, rubbing a hand over his jaw. “I’m not sure what I’m getting into. Titan doesn’t need that.”

“Shit. If there is one person that knows what shit Titan gets into, it’s you.” Jared shook his head. “Get Rocco, debrief with him. Winters sit in, keep your boy on point. You have whatever resources you need.”

Parker stood. “Seriously, Boss Man—”

“What?” Jared growled.

“This is personal.”

“Somehow, however long you’ve worked here, you missed this memo. If you have personal, we deal with personal. And, brother, you never have got personal. So when shit pops up like it’s done now—and there’s a lady here to prove it—we go in and fix it.”

“This isn’t like that.”

“Then whatever it’s like, it’s the only outside-of-Titan personal connection you have. Whatever the woman is to you, you make her fuckin’ day. That means you save her life, you kill some rogue shooter, you do a hacker thing, you get the job done. Read me?”

His stomach dropped. “Loud and clear.”



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About The Author



Cristin Harber is a USA Today bestselling romantic suspense and military romance author. Fans voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was #1 romantic suspense, #1 military romance, and a USA Today Top 100 bestseller.

She lives outside Washington, DC with her family and English Bulldog.


Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Team Titan Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads




Author Website –
Facebook –
Twitter – @CristinHarber
Goodreads –
Pinterest –
Tumbler –
Google Plus –
Amazon –



Reading Order: 
The Titan Series:


Book 1: Winters Heat (Colby Winters)  


Read the reviews by Naughty Book Snitches ~ Mindy-Head Bitch in Charge and Kay-The Snitch Bitch
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Book 1.5: Sweet Girl (Prequel to Garrison’s Creed)


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Book 2: Garrison’s Creed (Cash Garrison)


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Book 3: Westin’s Chase (Jared Westin)


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Book 3.1: Gambled (Brock Gamble)


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Book 3.2: Chased (Asher McIntyre)


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Book 4: Savage Secrets (Rocco Savage)


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Book 5: Hart Attack (Roman Hart)  


Read the reviews by Naughty Book Snitches ~ Mindy-Head Bitch in Charge and Kay-The Snitch Bitch
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Book 6: Black Dawn (Parker Black)

Read the reviews by Naughty Book Snitches ~ Mindy-Head Bitch in Charge and Kay-The Snitch Bitch <– Coming Soon
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