The Naughty Misfits Club


BSM Stoneking, Author
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Whether it’s writing about vampires and werewolves, or sexy chemists playing with two hunky guys, Ms. Stoneking knows how to set your blood on fire with her sensual eroticas!



Jessica Satin, Author
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In Jessica’s mind all the classic fairy tales are full of erotic splendor that she is just aching to share with everyone. Jessica’s pen is filled with passion, burning across the pages as she writes!



Anthony Beal, Author

Mixing pleasure with horror, Anthony’s stories will set your heart pounding. Whether it’s with lust or fear, you’ll just have to read to find out!



Reed James, Author/Naughty Ladies Publications

Naughty ladies abound in the sexy stories Reed loves to tell. His exciting ladies have a lot of dirty fun and they want you to experience every sultry word!



Jessika Klide, Author
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Sultry Jessika loves to mix it up with her playful heroines. They’ll dance and prance and melt every bone in your body with their sensual grace.



BB Blaque, Author
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BB knows who to write bondage. Her heroines will lead you on a journey into the depths of your soul and show you the delights that can be found in submitting to your lovers lash!



Mindy Book Snitch, Reviewer/Bloger at Naughty Book Snitch

Redhead holding apple
Mindy may not write erotica, but she loves to read it. She has a nose for lust and sniffs out the sexiest stories to share with her readers in the kinkiest and most entertaining reviews you’ll ever read!



Saharah Shae

No erotic author is more patriotic than Saharah. This sultry author wants every serviceman to get his due, preferably at the hands of one of Saharah’s sexy heroines!



So… how about it? You going to drink the Kool-Aid?




3 thoughts on “The Naughty Misfits Club

  1. Thank you for creating this page and for representing the NMC! I’m proud to be a member and am glad to have found such talented company. I’ll certainly rep this page every chance I get.

  2. Ah, my dear, you have the absofuckinglutely best blog page EVER! You know your stuff and aren’t afraid to show us!
    Thank you for showing us, fellow members of the Naughty Misfits Club, your special love and attention. We are truly a unique group who delve in the delights of sexy mischief and love to mix it up!

    • Aww! I love you so much! I’m pretty sure I’ve not virtually motorboated you so here you go (. )( .) motorboat. I do try to bring something unique to the blogging world. 😉 and you just gave me super warm fuzzies for saying that.
      And the Naughty Misfits Club is definitely my family away from my family. I love each and every single one of you. My online tribe of fellow weirdo’s and kinksters.
      i luv you

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