How to Make Amazon’s Erotica Titles Searchable Again

Hello Snitches! If you follow any erotica and romance authors, you may have heard them talking about Amazon’s latest attempt at filtering adult content by putting some romance titles under the erotica category and/or putting erotica in the romance category. Amazon is all sorts of screwed up right now. By Amazon putting anything under the erotica category, it automatically blocks anyone searching for a title, in that category, unsearchable. Unless you have a direct link, or the adult filter disabled, then you will not find anything under erotica. I follow Selena Kitt and she has been a powerful voice in this. Please read her “Pornocalypse 2015 is Upon Us!” blog post.


I understand the need for an “adult filter“. We dont want these titles being read by kiddos. Or some adults who don’t care to read it and that is okay. Read what you want. But what about those of us who do want to read things labeled #erotica and #eroticaromance. I love erotica, smut, taboo, strange and unusual and all things kinky fuckery.





I enjoy reading all different kinds of genres and if I’m unable to find something on Amazon, I’ll move to another website who does sell it, like Smashwords. I do love Smashwords. Besides Amazon, Smashwords is where I do buy a lot of my books. (Smashwords also has an adult filter, but it’s clearly labeled and easy to find.)

Okay… I’ll get to my point. You can disable the adult filter on Amazon and its really simple. Here’s how…. 🙂



Directions on disabling the “ADULT FILTER” on Amazon


1. Login to your Amazon account.



2. On the search drop down menu, select “Kindle Store”.


Your search bar should now say “Kindle Store” instead ofAll“.



3. Search for a book you know has been adult filtered. For example “Glory Hole by Matt Shaw”. (p.s… I read this book and its AWESOME… buy it HERE)


4. You should now see the message “Your search contains adult items which have been hidden. If you wish to see them, click here.”



5. Click on click here” on the Amazon site and you should now see the title you were searching for.



You are now able to search adult content on Amazon. 🙂 





HOWEVER… please keep in mind that if you delete your cookies, you will need to do this all over again. But now you know how to do this and it wont be a problem to do it again.

Thank you for checking out this post and I hope this help in your Naughty Book Searches.

Mindy Book Snitch





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2 thoughts on “How to Make Amazon’s Erotica Titles Searchable Again

  1. Thanks, Mindy. Guys like me get dungeoned pretty good and live every minute of it!

  2. Love*

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