Fearless Vixen

Fearless Vixen Naughty Book Snitch ~ Is a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace, and a damn good sexually charged book!

She has been sent from the future to read and snitch out some really tasty books that will save the world as we know it. She has innate strength and skill and will protect the world against book terrors! Fearless Vixen has a special power she has developed in the future that gives her the ability to go into sudden, super-powered berserker rages. She uses this berserker rage to fuel her Naughty Book Snitch reviews!

You never know where Fearless Vixen is going next. She may be stuck in a historical or even another world, or maybe she’s visiting some hot cowboys or battling human traffickers. Where ever she is, just know she is looking out for the next sexy and tasty book to snitch about.

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