Mindy’s Naughty Book Snitch Parody Rap

Ahem! *taps on coffee mug* Ahem! So I wrote a parody for BSM Stoneking’s Author Reveal back in April 2015. So I might as well go ahead and share it. Lets see if you can name that tune 😉



All right!
Stop whatcha doin’
’cause I’m about to ruin
the reviews and book blogs that ya used to.
Im funny,
but yo, Ive got my own blog, see
so yo writers, I hope you’re ready for me


Now gather round
Im the big Snitch in town
and my reviews are laid down by Naughty Book Snitch
I’ll snitch up all the erotica ya got on ya shelf
So just allow me to introduce myself


My name is Mindy, pronounced with an INDY.
Yo AUTHORS, oh how I like to read thee
And all the authors on the book shelf, please allow me to Snitch thee


Im steppin’ tall y’all
and just like BSM Stoneking
I’ll break my riding crop to spank thee
and I have Connie Cliff and Kay to review thee


I like to read
I like books that make me horny
Im naughty, I like my books a little smuttie
Im obsessed wit dis, 2 finger 1 hand reads
but sometimes I get ridiculous
I’ll Snitch on all ya romance and erotica
Hey yo, Misfits, c-mere-are you naughty?
Ya, I asked if you are naughty
Look at me, Im a Naughty Misfit
It hasn’t stopped me from getting twisted


I’m a freak
I like the books with a play room
I once buffed my muffin to a James Reed novel


Im kooky
Allow me to amaze thee
Im mad as a hatter and BB Blaque has enslaved me
Jessika and Jessica are masturbation worthy
We even have our own club….


The Naughty Misfits Club is your chance to see some smut
Do the Naughty Misfits Club, come on and do the Naughty Misfits
Do the Naughty Misfits Club, follow the Naughty Misfits
Do you know who Im following, following the Naughty Misfits
Do the Naughty Misfits, follow the Naughty Misfits Club


People say “Yo, Mindy, your reviews are really funny”
that’s alright ’cause I get you laughin
I swear, Im rare, authors beware cuz Im fair when I review thee
I give my reviews more, see, with pics and gifs that will amaze thee


Oh yes, my Naughties, Im being sincere
cause my reviewers will persevere
Authors gettin Snitched, uh-uh I’m not ashamed
Naughty Book Snitched, Im still gettin’ requests


I get lucid, my reviews are not diluted
I just found out what figging is with ginger root is
Im the one who Snitched on your favorite author, and if ya missed it
Im the one who said “2 finger, 1 hand read and proud of it


As I told you Im a smut junkie
Well, yeah, I guess its obvious it must be masturbation worthy
And all you have to do is subscribe to my website
to read my reviews and request to get Snitched
from Naughty Book Snitch


Naughty Book Snitch is your chance to get Snitched
Fill out the review request form and get Snitched
Read Naughty Book Snitch reviews and subscribe to Naughty Book Snitch
Follow Naughty Book Snitch, be entertained by Naughty Book Snitch





Mindy Book Snitch – Head Bitch in Charge
Kay The Snitch Bitch
Connie Cliff


Who are the Naughty Misfits?


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