New Release Event ~ Kristina Canady’s Lunar Eclipse series



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April 3 – April 4
Apr 3 at 12:00pm to Apr 4 at 2:00am in MDT
Hosted by: Kristina Canady
Where: From the comfort of your own home

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About the event:

Join me and my friends for the release of part III in my Lunar Eclipse Series on the April total eclipse, (insert singing “total eclipse of the heart” here, lol). Eclipse’s happen twice a year and I only release books in this series on the actual eclipse. We will be doing lots of giveaways!

Will Etienne be able to rescue Sasha before their bond is shattered? Self perseverance may be her only hope as she struggles to survive in the midst of evil. And yes, I will be leaving you with another cliff hanger, you may curse at me now if you like.

Author Take Over Line-Up: All times MST (7hrs behind UTC/GMT time zone)

These times begin on 4/3/2015 and take us into the wee hours of 4/4/2015, the total eclipse should take place about 02:00 AM MST but that is an approx because I am having issue reading the NASA grid. #Ididnotgotoschoolforthat

9AM-10AM Giveaway posts go up and stay open until 4/4
10AM-11AM Michelle McLougney
11AM-12PM Leigh Stone
12PM- 1PM Mandy Lou Dowson
1PM-2PM Christa Simpson, Author
2PM-3PM Sam McCarthy
3PM-4PM KA Hobbs – Author
4PM-5PM Author Craig Lowe
5PM-6PM Izzibella Beau
6PM-7PM Audra Hart
7PM-8PM Author C. E. Black
8PM-9PM J.Epps and S. Brümmer
9PM-10PM Cree Storm
10PM-11PM Desiree Cox
11PM-12AM Elise Faber
12AM-1AM Susan with Ladies Living in Bookland
1AM-2AM Kristina Canady



About The Author



What inspired you to write your first Novel? “My girlfriends and I were sitting around discussing our latest reads, all the perfect Cinderella type romance novels that are out there and how we would like to read something that more could relate to. I have been an avid reader since I was a child and love to write, so I decided to write something for us. A not so perfect love story; one that had a little humor, tied in some vampires, a little adult content, morally hard choices and was a satisfying read for all those hard working readers who want some good ole’ junk food for the brain when they come home after a long day at work.”

Raised in California she moved to Colorado to pursue her education and fell in love with the area as well as her now husband. After pushing through college class by class with a few maternity breaks in between, she graduated. Her four year degree took a bit longer to complete as life led her down a scenic route.

Though Kristina loved her art and literature classes in college she put that to the side in order to start her career in nursing. After establishing her career she felt something was missing. While she adores being a nurse she felt her artistic side was calling and started to pick up her writing and painting again, setting aside a few hours a day on her day’s off. After a period of time she found that her short story had grown into her first novel. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels the greatest achievement in her art is creating works that bring enjoyment to others.

She continues to reside in Colorado with her husband and children. Kristina is working on the next installment of the Lunar Eclipse Series.






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Right now, I bet you’re asking yourself…. Self. What about the books? I want covers, blurbs and I LOVE to be teased with amazing teasers!
Well look no further because here it comes….





Irrevocable Midnight (Lunar Eclipse Series, #03)




Freedom is something that is easily taken for granted, many never knowing what they have until it is stripped away. But not all hope is lost when second chances are given. As Sasha struggles to break free from her captivity to get back to the life she was seized from; she risks it all, including her precious humanity. Love has become worth fighting for, even if that means giving up everything that she is.

The ups and downs of love can be as rocky as the shores, but as the tides turn, Etienne finds that no matter how turbulent the seas, he’s not letting anything stand in the way of his new purpose in life; he must save Sasha, even if it means saving her from herself.

The saga continues as Sasha and Etienne are propelled forward through new family ties and into the line of fire of the most powerful moon of the year, the blood moon. As the cataclysm of the lunar eclipse unfolds, love finds a way to grow anew in the wake of dominant forces moving at a catastrophic speed.


*Intended for adults(18+)for mature and explicit sexual content. This is not a standalone and it is recommended that the series be read in order.



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Midnight Unveiled (The Lunar Eclipse #02)




He wants her – a beautiful trophy for his collection, but she’s not ready to be “owned” by any relationship, let alone one that is against her will. How far will he go to possess her, and is love powerful enough to save her? Sasha Green continues her journey in this second installment of the Lunar Eclipse Series to find her place in the vampire world while grieving the human life she will be forced to leave behind. Can she find the deep, meaningful love that her soul cries out for, or will fate decide a different destiny for her heart?

Etienne thought his past demons would finally be banished by learning to love without barriers, but when an old acquaintance crosses paths with his soul-mate, darkness threatens to claim him once again. Will a new and growing threat come between Etienne and the one he cherishes the most, or will his heart and future forever be lost?



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Midnight Bloom (The Lunar Eclipse #01)




Forced to police the border between two worlds in an attempt at redemption, a cold and calculated Etienne has purposely constructed an organized existence that focuses on protecting the ignorant. A “chance” encounter with the outspoken and brazen Sasha Green unveils to him a connection that threatens to thaw his heart. Etienne and Sasha are about to be challenged to look beyond themselves and question everything they believe to be “fact” as their two worlds collide.

In this first novel of the Lunar Eclipse series, Sasha learns of the unusual hand that fate has dealt her and finds herself caught up in a battle between her moral compass and her innermost primitive desires. As she evolves into her predetermined role, she must question her fear against myth and weigh the value of the marriage she’s committed to against the fulfillment of the path that an unknown force is pushing her to walk. How strong will Sasha be under its force, and will the profound connection between the two ultimately break her?



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  1. That was… Amazing!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Im so happy you like it. I cant wait for your release party! I’ve got to give credit to the amazing Angel Z. She’s the one who invited me to your FB event.

  2. Angel

    That is Amazing Thank you so much Mindy!!! This is really a must read series Kristina is so talented and pretty Amazing herself!! thank you again for doing this fantastic post!!!

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