Review ~ Barebacked For His Wife’s Pleasure by David J. Jones

Title: Barebacked For His Wife’s 

Pleasure: Cuckolded  and

Barebacked by Their Neighbour

SeriesSwinging Both Ways to Save His Marriage

AuthorDavid J. Jones

Genre: bisexual erotica

Pages: 44

Heat level: 3.5 out of 4 flames

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Naughty Book SnitchConnie Cliff


Tom knows all about his horny wife Charlotte’s flings, and there’s the only way to prove who the alpha male is once his wife gets hot for another man. As long as Tom lets the other man screw his wife and then barebacks him afterwards, Charlotte’s filthy fantasies will be fulfilled.

But now his wife is out of control with lust for their hot, black neighbour and Tom discovers that his usual approach isn’t going to work. This time, Charlotte wants Tom to get barebacked for her pleasure…



This was a super hot read! I’ve been wanting to read a story told from a bisexual male point of view, and Barebacked was my first such book. It certainly did not disappoint. Of course, the guy, Tom, doesn’t consider himself bisexual. He just does it only for his wife’s pleasure. What he does, is let his wife fuck other men, with the condition that they also let Tom fuck them afterwards, bareback, of course, whilst Charlotte, the wife, watches. It’s a particular kink of Charlotte’s, seeing her husband bareback other men. So much so, that it’s her preferred genre of porn. And for him, it establishes that he is the alpha in the triad.

Except now, Charlotte is growing insatiable in her sexual needs, and she wants Tom to switch positions, so to speak. There is a brief but hot scene early in the book, where Tom and Charlotte engage in a quickie voyeuristic sex with the window open, and their neighbour walks by, able to see (and hear) everything. Charlotte watches some porn while they fuck, and the film shows a hot white guy being barebacked by a hot black guy. Tom realized that her fantasy is now changing. She wants to watch him get barebacked by their hunky gorgeous black neighbour, appropriately named Hank. They later go over to the neighbour’s place for a dinner, but instead they both get a (rather large) dose of Hank, first Charlotte, then Tom. And it turns out Tom enjoys the bottom position as much as he does the top. He has the most satisfying orgasms (assgasms) while being barebacked by Hank.

Very hot MF and MM action, and a great description of first-time gay experience (well, first-time bottom gay). Well-written and enjoyable, highly recommend.

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