Review ~ Cut Loose in the Country by Saharah Shae

Title: Cut Loose in the Country
Author: Saharah Shae
Genre: Romance, short story
Pages: 27
Publication Date: January 14, 2015
Heat Level: 2.5 out of 4 flames
Overall Stars: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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After years of being in a marriage that seemed to be going nowhere, I planned a special evening for my husband and I. I had high hopes of rekindling the romance between us. I desperately wanted to save my marriage.

He came home earlier than expected that day while I was in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom, I overheard a phone call that squashed my plans for the evening and sent me running from my house as quick as I could.

I ended up stranded in a field in Kentucky for the night. A sexy country boy came to my rescue the following morning.

I was a world away from the life I had been used to but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

This novelette is filled with heartache, passionate sex, and the understanding that we’re not always in control of the paths we take or end up on in life.






Wow, what a short, sweet and spicy little read. This story starts out with our protagonist working to save her marriage by spicing up her and her husband’s love life. When she overhears a conversation her husband is having on the phone, she realizes that things are not going to go as planned. Running out of the house and jumping in her car, she has no idea where she’s headed. All she knows is, it’s far away from home. To add some more salt to her open wound, she now has a flat tire in the middle of nowhere… stranded.

Then here comes a handsome stranger knocking on her car window. Wearing old coveralls and a faded John Deere hat. Asking her if she needs help. Personally, I wouldn’t trust this situation. I’ve seen plenty of scary movies that start off this way and end badly. But then again…. I’ve also seen some damn good porn start this way too.






Who knew that a knight in shining armor could come in the form of a farm boy in coveralls and a tractor… southern style. He does and says all the right things and our heroine decides to trust her gut. And thank goodness for that because we get some really good hot and heavy sex. The kind that will make your eyes dilate and give you butterflies in your tummy.



“He ate my pussy like it was the last thing that would ever cross his lips, making sure to leave no part of it untouched.”



Overall, I really liked it. Even though it was a quick read, I had my ‘Oh SHIT, no he didn’t’ and ‘OMG girl, don’t get out of the car’ and then ‘YES! Save a horse ride a cowboy’ moments. It almost felt like the author was a Sour Patch Kids commercial, it starts off all mean and hurting you emotionally and then quickly turns around and ends up really sweet. I would recommend this to anyone who likes short, hot and yet sweet erotic romance.






I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Author Bio



Saharah Shae was born the youngest of five children in a small town in north central Kentucky. Raised by her father, she spent most of her childhood trying to survive being the only girl in a house filled with boys. As a result, she knows her way around the garage, woods, and most lakes within a couple hours of her home. She enjoys the outdoors, sports-especially Kentucky Basketball and the Cincinnati Bengals, fishing, and gardening. As much as she enjoys those things, writing is her first love.

After a few years of working “up town” in the city, she decided to work from home for the family business, while focusing on her writing.

She has several erotica short stories and one erotic and funny Christmas poem that are available. She also just published her first novelette.

Some of the most important people in her life are members of our military and that is where the military focus in her writings comes from.

All of her writings are filled with material that is to be read and enjoyed by those that are 18 years of age and older.

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