Review ~ Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese & Alexia Vice

Title: Deadly Dominance
Series: Triple D #1
Author(s): Adam Reese & Alexia Vice
Genre: Horror
Pages: 70
Heat Level: There is sex, but I’m not rating that
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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Nathan Andrews lives the luxurious life of a successful author. His charms and humor capture the ladies, and his gruesome tales grip his male audience. When he finds himself in trouble, he runs away to his lake house where his darkest secrets come to life. All monsters have to look respectable for their unfortunate victims…

Warning ADULT 18+
Graphic violence, Sexual Content, drug use, and language.






WOW! I feel like I could murder some people right about now. I really like this. 🙂



This is pretty fucked up and so very good. It also makes me think twice about some of the books I read. LOL! So…. is your browsing history on your computer really just research for writing? 😉 Or are they resources for true stories?

Anyway, this book starts off with one of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read. Bravo! It was hard, hot and dirty and I loved it. Then we get a little bit deeper into Nathans head and see a glimpse of the darkness that is just below the surface. Then all of the sudden….. (sorry, can’t reveal secrets here)






So, Nathan hops in his car and heads to one of his secluded and peaceful homes. When he arrives, he finds there are a bunch of annoying people hanging out at his neighbors house. There is one girl that catches his eye and that is Adrianna. She is a huge fan of Nathan’s books and invites him to join them for dinner. Sure why not…



“This would be my first time wanting to slaughter a reader, but then again, I can pretend she’s one of those cranky ass reviewers that think they are literary gods.”



While there, Nathan meets Mandy, Bo and Cory. Typical, snotty college brats. You know the type… the ones that are first to die in a horror movie because they went and had sex in the woods and they never return. They question Nathan about the controversial content of his books.






Don’t poke the bear kids… you just might get bitten. Anyway, Nathan has things he needs to do and things he needs to bury. While he is taking care of business, he stumbles across a scene between Mandy and Bo…. in the woods. Nathan is immediately intrigued by Mandy and the scene unfolding before him. Maybe she isn’t as innocent as she pretends.



“I try to keep the beast tamed, but self-control is no longer on my side.”






“Eventually nightmares become reality, and I am the one that harnessed them. I embrace them to create the monster I am today.”



This is pretty much where the darkness really comes to light. It’s like a Tender date gone terribly wrong and now you’re stuck with the Boogeyman.



“I’m going to enjoy everything that you’re about to hate.”






“There is nothing that can bring me back from Lucifer’s playground.”



Why 4 stars? Meh, I had little issues with some things. Like some wrong words in sentences, not a lot, but enough to notice. Spelled correctly, but missed by spell check (final vs Finally). Also, if this many people have gone missing… there are a lot of careless mistakes being made. Seriously… don’t shit where you eat. It’s too close to home. Also, how is it that Nathan can find the g-spot every single time on different women. He must have some serious skills.

Overall, I really liked it. It was shocking, different and cringe worthy and times it made me want to vomit. Exactly what I needed at the moment. I’m warning you though, there is extreme violence and possible triggers for some people. If you’re a fan of horror than you will love this. I cant wait to read more from these authors.



“Tomorrow we will watch the world burn.”






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About the Author



Adam Reese is an erotic horror author. He is the creator of the Triple D Series. His home is in Los Angeles, California where he works with video and audio.


Alexia Vice lives in Alaska with her husband and two dogs. She has a love for all things dark: horror movies and books have inspired her to dig into her deepest, darkest thoughts.
She enjoys gory horror films, all things supernatural, and has survived a UFO sighting.

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