Review ~ Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By His Fabricated Wiretapping Scandal Made Up To Redirect Focus Away From His Seemingly Endless Unethical Connections To Russia by Dr. Chuck Tingle

Title: Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By His Fabricated Wiretapping Scandal Made Up To Redirect Focus Away From His Seemingly Endless Unethical Connections To Russia 
Series: NA
Author: Twice Hugo Nominated Author Dr. Chuck Tingle
Genre: Erotica, Humor, Tingler
Pages: 31
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Alana

Domald Tromp hasn’t been listening to his Timeline Briefings, and now he’s in trouble. To the frustration of his staff, Domald’s incompetence has allowed several unethical timelines to get dangerously close to this one, and facts regarding his administration’s deep connections to the Russian government are leaking left and right.

Domald decides to solve this problem old-fashioned way, with a tweet brazenly declaring that the previous President was wiretapping him. Domald hopes his bizarre fabrication will now dominate the news cycle while he heads out to golf with his Russian T-Rex buddies. Unfortunately, he has simply opened an even bigger can of worms.

Now Domald is forced to confront the physical manifestation of his fictional wiretapping scandal, and is about to learn that his tweet could cause him a lot of problems whether it’s true or not. Of course, this all culminates in a hardcore anal pounding on the golf course that will have your jaw on the floor!

This erotic tale is 4,200 words of sizzling human on handsome political distraction action, including anal, blowjobs, cream pies, rough sex and delusional online post love.

Hi there! I know I have been suspiciously absent as of late (I have to write my own stuff, after all), but would I miss May’s Tinglefest? NEVER!

There’s that bright banner! I am a touch behind, but never fear, you will have two Tinglers this week to make up for it! And now, let us turn our attention to today’s offering: “Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By His Fabricated Wiretapping Scandal Made Up To Redirect Focus Away From His Seemingly Endless Unethical Connections To Russia”.

Don… er, excuse me, DOMALD Tromp is a continuing interest of Dr. Tingle’s. In a way, he’s a political activist, an outspoken leader of true buckaroos fighting against the Void in his own way: writing tinglers about it to spread the word and prove that love is real.

In this tingler, we join Domald Tromp as an intern is trying to give him the weekly brief on the different timelines they are following. The government evidently uses this information to try to predict what is going to happen and change the course of their reality to suit their needs best. Domald, of course, is having none of it. He wants to go golfing with his Russian friends Smirnov and Ivanov, who give him lots of money. This is, of course, highly unethical in any timeline–considering the President is not supposed to take bribes from foreign interests–and the staff in the White House are desperately trying to cover this up. It’s not working as Domald just ignores them and tweets to distract people, then goes out golfing anyway.

In true Chuck Tingle fashion, the next happens:

Suddenly, the figure comes into view and I quickly recognize him as the physical manifestation of my own online post aimed at redirecting focus from my seemingly endless unethical connections to Russia.

The living Twitter post (living tweet?) calls Domald out on his BS: he created the lie to distract people from the unethical connections to Russia that he has, and now he must take responsibility for it!

“Here’s the thing,” my living Twitter post says, becoming a little more aggressive in his tone. “I’m not going to let you just create me and then throw me to the wolves. You lie all the time, and you post whatever crazy bullshit comes into your head, but it’s only a matter of time before you have to answer to something you’ve made up. That time is now.”

Next, of course, Domald finds this living tweet so irresistible that he must be boned by him immediately.

I shan’t spoil the ending for you, but like all tinglers, Chuck leaves me smiling. This particular offering also holds another tingler because the soul of books is love: Slammed in the Butt by Domald Tromp’s Attempt to Avoid Accusations of Plagiarism by Removing All Facts or Concrete Plans from His Republican National Convention Speech.

I give this ten of ten B.U.T.T. court wiretaps!

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