Review ~ Enthralled by Bryce Calderwood

Title: Enthralled: A Futanari Vampire Erotic Romance
Series: Futanari Vampires Book 1
Author: Bryce Calderwood
Genre: Futanari, Horror Erotica, PNE
Pages: 225
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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“Other vampire stories are tame by comparison.”

The only way to love a monster… is to become one yourself

Ashlyn’s life changes forever one night in a New York City back alley. Just before dawn she stumbles across a grievously wounded vampire. Ashlyn overhears the attackers reveal they’re trying to kill her because she’s a futanari.

She makes the fateful decision to help the beautiful redhead. Ever since science made it possible, Ashlyn wanted to be a futa. They’re despised and persecuted by society, so when she sees one in trouble, she feels compelled to help. Gathering up the wounded vampire in her arms, she hurries home to her nearby apartment, sparing the girl from being burned to ash by the rising sun.

Vampires need blood, and futanari vampires need sex… lots of sex. Ashlyn enters into a Master/submissive relationship with the beautiful but wounded vampire, Musette Vaillancourt, becoming her “pet.” Ashlyn becomes a human predator, seducing victims and bringing them home for her injured lover to drink their blood.

But that’s only the beginning. Ashlyn enters into a life beyond her wildest dreams. She gets what she’s always wanted… and so much more. All sexual fantasies fulfilled. All secret, dark impulses acted upon. Nothing is forbidden to the immortal undead. The rules and laws of mortals don’t matter to them. They are lions among the sheep.

But Musette’s former vampire master finds out her pet is still alive. Ashlyn can barely contain her jealousy as they are reunited. The appearance of Musette’s master brings a dangerous threat, however: the vampire coven Musette’s master belongs to.

Ashlyn finds herself fighting both for her life and her love with Musette… and not everything may survive.









What a perfect read for Halloween night. Blood and gore, great story line and a lot of hot futa sex. This book is not for everyone, so if you don’t like to read about violence, blood play, a little gore, bloody sex, futas and their giant cocks and copious amount of cum, then this is definitely not for you. Otherwise, I challenge the dark hearts to give this a try. This story is action packed in all the right ways.






Oh, where to start. Ok, quick version. Ashlyn, has a futanari fetish and wants to become one, but futas are not accepted by society and hated by most. Musette is a futa vampire who was made in secret by a “regular” vampire. Like I said before, futas are hated by most and considered impure if turned into a vampire. So, Musette’s makers coven is trying to kill her because she is an impure futanari vampire. Good thing Ashlyn is there to rescue her just in time.

Ashlyn is a really great character and super bad ass. She finds Musette and nurses her back to health. To help Musette recover, Ashlyn does some “hunting” for her and picks off some futa haters. Holy shit, that first scene was gruesome. The blood lust scenes only get more disturbing and awesome. I have to wonder what this authors browser history looks like. I don’t know if I would be scared or turned on? Hahaha!






Well anyway, if I say too much more, I might give something away. There is one part in the story that kind of reminded me of Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned. But this story is unique in itself. I promise you, that you have never read anything like this before. These futa vampires are not your pretty, sparkling, angsty teen vampires. Nope, these are some beautiful bad ass bitches with evil tendencies who are out to kill and fuck and live out their darkest fantasies. Why? Because they can!






Have you ever wanted to let your inner demon out? I sure have and have had some pretty fucked up dreams about it. Anyway… back on track with the real vampire shit. There is one part where Musette and Ashlyn are fucking on top of a pile of bloody dead bodies that they just feed on and killed. Oh… that man’s hand. I guess I can say that Musette and Ashlyn are using their resources. (you’ll have to read it to understand what Im talking about)






The sex is out of this world crazy, bloody and futanari cum filled wickedness. When I read futanari, I imagine Japanese anime porn and this is right up my kink train. Giant cocks fitting in impossibly little holes but it all seems to fit and cum ends up getting everywhere. Its like a bukkae porn! Hahaha!






Overall, Enthralled is really fuckin good. It has a strong story line and I totally love the direction its going. The characters are great, but Ashlyn is my favorite. Her badassery level is empowering and very well done. I feel that Musette could have been a little tougher than she was. I love the blood and gore and the actual portrayal of blood lusting vampires instead of pretty ones with cute little fangs. The writing style and pacing of this book are fantastic and I never once got board or confused as to what was going on. I loved this book and I highly recommend for fans of paranormal erotica and horror erotica.






I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Bryce Calderwood writes erotic stories that take you places you never thought you would go. Places of raw badassery, insatiable desire, uncontrollable lust. You may feel reluctant, at first, but you’ll be enjoying it too much to really fight it, and then, before you know it, you won’t believe what you just read.

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