Review ~ Kiss of Winter by Amelia Faulkner

Title: Kiss of Winter
Series: No
Author: Amelia Faulkner
Genre: Paranormal, M/M, Romance
Pages: 77 estimated
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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“Trying something new isn’t always painless…

Jude Morris has always considered himself straight, but lately his curiosity has been pulling him off-course. With no idea how to approach guys he decides to visit a cruising zone south of the Thames.

When Jude meets the fragile beauty that is Aaron Hughes, he’s already having second thoughts, and the only thing that stops him from bolting is Aaron’s sharp humour and gentle protectiveness.

But Aaron is much more than he seems, and now Jude is left to wonder just how far down the rabbit hole he has fallen, and is he falling in love… or falling to his death?”


Jude is straight but has recently been questioning his sexuality. He’s not sure how to find out if he is really gay or not, so he tries a cruising zone to have a quick fling and test the waters. Lucky for Jude he meets Aaron, who is not what Jude expected. He’s kind, funny, protective and has put Jude in the trouble category.

Bad things

“Oh, there’s a bright side to all this” Jude grinned. “Yeah. You weren’t stuck with some strangers dick up your bum”


Pretty good and quick little read. I really enjoy the straight to gay troupe and the exploring for the first time. I liked the “cruising zone” idea but thought it was a little too much for a first timer like Jude to be exploring. I did really like it when Jude could hear others having sex around him. He kept getting more and more aroused and all he wanted to do was touch his dick. I kept waiting for him to go off to the side and rub one out really quick. That would have been super hot!!

Gun boner

I understand this is a short story and you have to keep things moving fairly quickly. The story did move but I feel like a lot of things were left out. Like Jude and Carly’s uncanny ability to guess everything accurately on the first try. There was absolutely no mystery when it came to that. Also Aaron and Charles spilling the beans about well guarded secrets with virtually no coercion.

There is one part in this story that I thought was a strange analogy and it made me giggle to myself. “the long nights were colder than a pimp’s backhand.” It felt strange and out of place. How does he know what a pimp’s backhand feels like? Now if we had hookers/prostitutes in this story then that would fit perfectly. Just thought I’d mention it because it made me laugh.


Oh… lets talk about sex. Yes!!
boy kiss

Again, I LOVE boys and I love to read all about them and their sexcapades. Aaron and Jude’s first kiss. Check. Loved it. Jude having no experience being with other men and his reaction to Aaron’s kiss is fantastic. Then finally closing the deal. YES! I thought it was cute that Jude had questions.

cup the balls

Now… I would have liked to read more about foreplay. I mean suck his dick first and see if you like the taste of it. Actually suck each other’s dicks a few times before you jump all the way in. If I was a straight guy but exploring my gay side, I think I’d want you to play with it first. You know… get me really horny and make me beg for it. Overall the sex was really good and hot. My greedy little mind wanted more of it.
play with it first

One last thing… I’m totally a cover whore and I will judge. This cover is gorgeous but the guys look like little kids and that is a turn off for me. It makes me feel like this is a young adult and “Kiss of Winter” is definitely not for anyone under 18 or anyone that doesn’t like hot sex in their book. Overall the story was good and the sex is hot. I will read this author again and I’m looking forward to seeing whats next.

I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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