Review~ Laces and Lace by Toni Aleo

Title: Laces and Lace  

Series: Assassins #6
Author: Toni Aleo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 410
Heat Level: 4 out of 5 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay

Nine years ago, things were perfect. Lacey and Karson had found their happily ever after in each other…or so they thought. How do two people who were meant to be move on from that once-in-a-lifetime love?Lacey has a strength inside her that comes alive with the things she’s most passionate about. She’s a fighter, a survivor, and has everything she’s ever wanted but the one thing that matters most—love.Karson is doing the one thing he loves most—playing hockey for the Assassins, yet he knows regret. He knows his life has been missing the one thing he walked away from so many years ago—Lacey.Nine years later, and neither has been able to succeed in moving on from what was, what could have been, and who each of their hearts still beats for. When a chance encounter during a fateful night has their paths crossing again, will the tether still attaching their souls allow them to face the past, present, and a possible future?

Can two people with fate on their side find a way back to each other? Overcome all the obstacles in their way to finally live life together to the fullest?

Or will they let those around them and the circumstances they face, along with questions and doubt, ruin a second chance at the life they both deserve?


Ladies, Toni Aleo is back! I’m a huge fan of hers but after the last book in this series, I was skeptical. I detested the heroine in that book so much that it almost killed the series for me. But that was that book and with this book, she grabbed me by the hair and showed me who was the boss! The edition I read had the prequel novella with it along with the full length novel.

Karson King plays for the Assassins hockey team and he’s a superstar. But before he became a hockey star, he met and fell head over heels in love with a girl from college. It was a first love kind of thing but it was also a love that lasted. Despite the immense love these two people had for each other, Karson was faced with a choice, a choice with no easy decision. He did what he felt he had to to protect Lacey. This decision left them both heartbroken.

Lacey grew up with her legendary hockey coach father and future hockey star brother after the death of her mother due to breast cancer. Lacey in her teens had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy. The loss of her mother, her breasts and her sense of femininity made her close herself off from most everyone. Not to mention, her father and brother who were over the top protective. But one day she really talked to Karson. Sure, she’d seen him. He was her brother’s best friend and teammate. They fell in love and were then torn apart.

The story then goes to current day. Lacey designs lingerie and is still living in Chicago. She and Karson haven’t seen each other since their breakup years ago. One night, somehow, they end up in the same taxi cab. That’s where I stop telling you about what happens, you have to read it for yourself. Every heart wrenching word. Karson is a kick ass hero and Lacey is a fantastic heroine. You feel the love that these two characters have had for one another on every page. I don’t want to give too much away but know that this isn’t a conventional love story. It will make you cry and smile with the feeling that your heart is over full. I can’t wait for the next book.
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