Review ~ Love’s Choice by Renee Jordan

Title: Love’s Choice 
Series: The Valkyrie’s Passion #1
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 Flames
Overall: 5 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Alana
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A Valkyrie discovers more than love when she meets a dangerous, hunky biker!

Raven is haunted by the passionate, one-night stand she had with Magnus. He was dangerous and handsome, an outlaw biker that swept Raven off her feet. She knows Magnus is so wrong for her, but she can’t keep the bad boy out of her thoughts.

When Magnus tracks her down, Raven has to make a choice? Can she love the dangerous biker, or should she listen to her fears and find a safer guy? Her heart yearns for Magnus and the passion of his words.

But Raven’s choice will change both her and Magnus’s life. She is a Valkyrie, and her love will unleash the wolf slumbering inside of Magnus. When a frost troll attacks Raven, and she is plunged into the snowy wastelands of Utgard, she will learn if she made the right choice.

Is Magnus too dangerous to love? Or has Raven doomed herself and Magnus to a snowy fate?


Those who know me (and know my RL name for reviewing as well!) know I do NOT give out five stars lightly. Matter of fact, it’s very, very rare as even when I rate a book 9 out of 10 something or anothers, I round down to 4 stars on Amazon or Goodreads. Those who also read my blog know that I’ve reviewed a couple of Renee’s other books, and while for the most part I think they are passable (with some great ideas!), I have not rated them fantastically.

That is going to change. This really is a five star book. I waffled for a long time on if it would be four or five, but my deciding factor was, “Am I going to read it again?” and when the answer was, “Yes, when the second book comes out, I will” I knew it was five stars.

All that being said, I want to say that I have enjoyed watching Renee’s writing improve by leaps and bounds. She’s really come a long way with experience, and I think it’s fantastic. Not only that, when the next book in this series comes out, I’ll be right there with my grabby hands clutching at it. AND it’s made me want to go back and finished her Passion Moon series. I could drop mic there and walk away, but that’s not why we’re at the Naughty Book Snitch site, is it? Of course not!

The plot is not necessarily straight forward, but it is pretty linear… but that’s just fine because it sets up the whole rest of the series like a good first book should do. In the prologue, Raven met and had a torrid affair with Magnus, then left the next day. Magnus finds her barrista nametag and tracks her down to Seattle after having a fight with another biker (Talon) for popping him in the face during the prologue protecting Raven. Raven, in the meanwhile, is kicking herself for leaving without leaving any info, and girls? Haven’t we all done that before?

Now, while Raven is kicking herself, and trying to convince herself that no, it didn’t mean anything, her regulars (which cracked me up, two thumbs up for good secondary characters! Even if I recognized Owen right away…) advise her on making her “Choice”, and you might as well capitalize it. That was the one thing that made me waffle for so long on giving it five stars right away. The “Choice” is presented to us indicating that Raven will only ever have one love… EVER! I know it’s romance, but… no. Now, it’s actually for OTHER reasons not the romance ones why it’s important (nope, not spoiling anything!), but at this point Raven doesn’t know about any paranormal stuff, so it’s presented as “Yeah, you only get to pick ONE BOYFRIEND EVER so pick good.”

Magnus comes and copies a poem for her, which was sort of an ‘awwww’ moment (even though it was copied, and not an original, but now I’m just getting picky!), and she agrees to go out with him. They go out… and there’s where I stop the summation. Why? INTERESTING STUFF HAPPENS! Not just sex–although that was good and hot, yummy showers–BUT REALLY FUCKING COOL SHIT!

Kind of like that, except with snow. And fire. And… other things!

So, how was the romance? The romance, like the characters, were very satisfying. Now, usually I bang on “Ugh, God, they’ve known each other for what, two minutes?!” but the book itself is drawn out long enough that it feels right, and that’s really important in romance. Renee hit all the beats. On top of that, it’s made clear that it’s an infatuation in the beginning, but afterwards they start facing trials together… which instantly bonds people. Just ask soldiers how close they are to their buddies. I think in this case? There’s a reason for the immediate bond, and it’s done very… VERY well. Now, whether that will hold up to scrutiny is another thing, but that’s for the future!

What hooked me was the Norse mythology. For those who know their stuff, it’s accurate. Bent, of course, for fantasy and the like but the basis of it? All very well done. I can tell the author did her research, and I appreciate it! There’s not much sex in it, but that’s quite alright. The story doesn’t need it. When it comes into the story though, it’s well done and steamy. I give this paranormal romance 10 out of 10 flaming swords.

PS: We want more of this guy. Yes, we do. Because yeah, the sex between Magnus and Raven was hot? But the talking scene between Raven and Loki was on fire.


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