Review ~ Monstrous Lust: Naked Nymph, Playful Forest by E.M. Beastly

Title: Monstrous Lust: Naked Nymph, Playful Forest
Series: In the Forest of Lust #2
Author: E.M. Beastly
Genre: Monster Erotica
Pages: 16
Heat Level: 2.5 out of 4 flames
Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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Review for Monstrous Lust: The Forest Stud’s Seed #1 by E.M. Beastly



Lena has fallen prey to the lustful god of the forest and set loose inside his labyrinth. Now only his beastly servants can show Lena the way out. Will they? Or will the monsters feed her the fruits of carnal forbidden desire?


“It should be known that this work and all other works in this series deals with erotic and sexual encounters with the unusual. It is an exploration of erotica beyond the mundane limitations of the real world.

This causes my work to touch upon very taboo subjects of inhuman monsters, creatures and mythical beasts having sexual relationships, hardcore sexual orgies and group sex with women. If that is not your thing, then sadly this book is not for you.

But if you are curious about what sex could be like with creatures of fur and fang; or scales, gills and feathers. Then prepare for a fun read.

So sit back, relax and remember: If it has a human level of intelligence or better. If it can communicate with a language. If it is sexually mature for it’s species. Then you should be ale to fuck it. Not that something like that exists in our known reality. But that is what fiction is for, right?”









This one is better than the first one. I did get some information as to how Lena ended up in the forest. Her and her friends had heard stories about the forest monsters, demons and horned goat men. Supposedly a lot of women had gone missing from there. So why not gather a group of friends to check it out and have a sleep over in the “haunted” forest. Well, isnt this how some horror movies start? Well, apparently porn can start this way too. Hahaha!





So Lena wakes up naked and in a different place in the forest. She then finds some water to swim and or bath in and she is approached by a ferret/weasel monster man. I bet you can’t guess what happens next… or maybe you can. After all this is monster erotica.

You know what… the ferret/weasel monster man thing was pretty good. I kind of dug it. I didn’t even mind the sticky fruit and that stuff usually grosses me out.



“I Kodo. Only one here now but others waiting deeper in. I want to mate with you!”





Well, Lena is a self admitted slut and pretty horny all the time so she’ll just add ferret monster man to her list of adventurous things shes done.





When Kodo and Lena are done “mating”, Lena finds out that she needs to travel further into the forest if she wants to find her friends. Sounds like a sex quest to me! Okay… I’m in. I’d like to find out more.

Overall, it was okay. This one did shed some light onto what in the world was going on and made more since. The ferret monster man was a new one for me but I liked it. So, Im happy that I did read this story and I do plan on reading the next one. I think the first story would have been a lot better if this one was included in it.



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Well this is going to be fun. Welcome to monster and supernatural erotica untamed. I am new to this game but I have a lot planned. An author from the lonely state of Wyoming. I have always wanted to drive the limits of human fantasy and sexuality. Over these last years with the rise of more and more monstrous erotic material, it became time for me to enter this game. So let my stories take you to a fantastic place where the rules are bent a little.


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