Review ~ My College Desires by O.M. Wills

Title: My College Desires 
Series: ASNAD #1
Author: O.M. Wills
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 29
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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You’re in class with them every day. Sometimes you never speak or sometimes you’re caught in conversations with them because a project has thrust you together. But you want more, much more.

Welcome to my college desires – where my erotic dreams come true.






Damn! This is pretty hot.






After Lab
Jaslyn and Omar are friends and Omar is clearly in the “friend zone”. When a little harmless play fighting turns into an opportunity for Omar to make his first move… things heat up very quickly. Omar is still fighting the does she, will she… let me dance. But the hormones finally take over the brain and some decisions are being made. Some of them not so smart, but its still hot.



“Fuck it then! Worry about the consequences later”








A Man’s Darkest Secret
Serena has sneaked a peek at Darren’s computer and he is uncertain if she saw the porn that was on it. So, he needs to do a little recon and find out what she knows.

Serena is already in a bad mood and really just wants to go home. She has a little/big issue that she needs to take care of immediately. And I completely understand where she is coming from.







Well, in walks Darren… and it’s hard to be mad at him. Especially when he says all the right things. He offers to take Serena home and knows exactly why she’s rushing. Of course Darren doesn’t want to reveal that he really enjoys it when a woman is on her period for fear that Serena will think he’s weird.



“Aww, special treatment! Darren to my rescue on my awful period day. How sweet of you!”



So Darren and Serena actually start talking about it and how Darren isn’t offended by it at all. He really likes it a lot. Serena is clearly interested and they are both getting really turned on.






Well, one thing leads to another and we now have a very interesting make out scene in a car. That leads to some period sex.

But wait there’s more.



“Lick it, let me see you lick it,” she gasped, biting her bottom lip, looking at him expectantly.

“You don’t even need to ask me,” he replied sliding his fingers into his mouth one by one cleaning them off.






I’m sure you can guess where that went next so I’ll let you read all about the details when you buy the book.






Overall, I really enjoyed it. Both stories was crazy sexy hot. For me, there was a little too much internal dialog. I totally get it though. These are college kids and still uncertain and self-conscious about a lot of things. In the second story with Darren and Serena, they referred to their cock and pussy as he and she, him and her, that got a little annoying. And finally, I was a little turned off by the “strawberry cream” coating at the end. Just my preference. But I still really enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait to read more from this author.



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About the Author



Too many times I hear he or she is a perv, and couldn’t help but wonder what the world would be like if people stopped shaming each other.

I think the word perv is a word that should be used for people who have an illegal, unhealthy desire for sex…

Other than that, I’d say both men and women desire different levels of sex and thus have many fetishes that stimulate each other and keep each other from getting bored in the bedroom…car… etc.

I wanted to write stories that reconnect the reader to their primal mindsets and embrace their deepest darkest desires.

I aim to give my audience a break from the shunning and dis-associative behavior our society impose upon us in regards to embracing our sexual needs and desires.

I believe the plethora sexual desires in one’s mind should be entertained and embraced, If not in action than with words.

My hope is that when a person reads these stories, whether it be from the blog or from the books, that person takes the time to be honest with themselves.

I would like my audience to be able to say, yes I like that, I wish I could try that, I really want to experience this.

The first truthful things to acknowledge before proceeding should be the things we love most about sex.

The smell of sweat.

The smells and taste of arousal.

The way it feels to come and make others come.

And the greatest truth of all…

Well, I think you already know what it is…

How much do you love reveling in the mess?

The hot thick smell…and the taste.

The stickiness…and the sound it makes.

Welcome all who come to experience Erotic stories that feed your darkness.

Or should I say, welcome all those who possess Open Minded Wills.

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