Review ~ Natasha by Dahlia Donovan

Title: Natasha
Series: Blackbird #2
Author: Dahlia Donovan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: 1.5 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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Undercover Interpol agent Natasha Itsov is the ice queen of the European shifter world. Her reputation for loving and leaving without a second thought is well known. Until she met Darren Martel, another fox shifter. She broke both of their hearts when she fled from the bond forming between them.

It’s been years since they’ve crossed paths with each other.

The threat of the Auctioneer looming over Ivy brings the two shifters together for one last mission. Old wounds are reopened, while they struggle to ignore the bond formed all those years ago. Neither wants to risk another catastrophic broken heart, yet neither wants to walk away from the chance of happily ever after.

Is it ever too late for love?


Natasha is undercover Interpol agent, an Ice Queen and has been running from her mate for years. Now fate has put Darren, Blackbird Security Firm, in Natasha’s path. Both of the fox shifters are working together to take down Marin Petrov and his human trafficking ring.
Natasha is a little badass arctic fox. I definitely wouldn’t want to piss her off. But she’s a little softie in the middle. She also has commitment issues.

cut you

“I’ll fuck you and leave. I won’t look back. Don’t fall in love with me.”

Darren is a red headed, blue eyed freckled, red fox hottie. Since Natasha left years ago without a single word, hes been trying to live without her.

“Think you can survive days and days of being so close, feeling the bond smoldering beneath the surface? It might even melt your icy heart, if it is in fact still beating.”

I feel that this book was mainly about Ivy, Steve and Gareth and Natasha and Darren’s story was secondary. Ivy actually started to get on my nerves. She says “git” all the time! She keeps complaining that she tired of her over protective alphas and she doesn’t need “rescuing” but she is constantly needing rescued! Literally, constantly. If I had a drink for every time Ivy needed rescued, I would be in AA by now.

drink up

Ok, let’s talk about sex. The good thing is that there was more mention about it in this book. However, I’m still left wanting…. There was a scene that I was SURE was going to be super hot and it was just casually mentioned. Natasha gives Darren a blowjob… or at least that is what I’m assuming. I’m paraphrasing here but…. Darren says, show me what I’ve been missing. Natasha unbuttons his jeans, the phone rings, Natasha licks her lips and Darren is throwing out marriage proposals. Really? Where was the dick sucking. What does he taste like, how does he feel in your hands and mouth? How much did you miss doing this to him?

Not turned on

Damn implied sex! Yes, I wanted more sex but I was also extremely interested in the Shibari. That would have been really interesting to read about. Natasha could have a sex dungeon and be a Shibari master.

Sex Dungeon

Overall it was just ok. The storyline is interesting but I would have liked to keep Ivy out of it for the most part. It’s ok to make a cameo appearance but she took up most of the second half of the book. At least the sex was a lot better in this book, but there were some parts that were still implied, i.e. blowjob. I’m curious how the series continues and I’m intrigued by Alicia and I hope her story is next.

Until then…

miss humps a lot

I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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About The Author

Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She’s a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.
Her first novel Ivy started out as a crazy dream which she turned into an adventurous and suspenseful paranormal romance. Her second novel Natasha is schedule for release at the end of August. It will be followed by an Ivy short story titled Masquerade sometime in the autumn. A third novel in the Blackbird series, Alicia, will come out in 2015.
Readers can find Under Fire, a free short story available to all her newsletter subscribers. See her website for more details.




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