Important note to remember:
Authors, bloggers and reviewers will never make everyone happy all of the time. We’ve all read books that we love and our friends didn’t like and vice versa. We have even bought books with low ratings or bad reviews because what one person didn’t like or thought was bad may be something that we love. So please don’t get butthurt over a negative review. It is just our own subjective thoughts and opinions.

Almost all of the books we receive for reviews are provided by the publisher or the author. We do not accept/receive monetary compensation for our reviews.

Pictures and gifs used in reviews:

We do not claim ownership of any photos in our reviews unless specifically stated. We do however have the right to use some of these images provided by depositphotos.com. If you see a photo that belongs to you and want it taken down, please email us at NaughtyBookSnitch@gamil.com.

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