Rating Scale

Overall Rating ~ we use the same rating system as Goodreads.

Star Rating System
5 Stars
It was Amazing

Star Rating System
4 Stars
Really Liked it

Star Rating System
3 Stars
Liked it

Star Rating System
2 Stars
It was ok

Star Rating System
1 Star
Did not like it

Star Rating System
0 Stars
DNF ~ Did Not Finish



Heat Rating ~ We started doing reviews because we wanted to know if the book we are buying had sex in it. We like most of our reads with lots of descriptive and detailed sex.

Burning flame banner
4 Flames
Masturbation worthy. 2 finger 1 handed read.

Burning flame banner
3 Flames
Lots of good and detailed sex. Panties are dripping wet.

Burning flame banner
2 Flames
Good on page sex with details. Not a lot of sex scenes.

Burning flame banner
1 Flame
Implied sex with no details.

Burning flame banner
0 Flame
NO SEX! Why am I even reading this?

One thought on “Rating Scale

  1. […] solid 4 out of 5 for literary value. And to use Angora’s own Flames Rating Scale, when she writes reviews for Naughty Book Snitch, I would give it 1 to 2 flames out of […]

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