Review Policy

Review Policy:
First and foremost, we read for fun, at our own pace and for our enjoyment. We are not literary geniuses but we do have opinions about the books we read. We do have book slumps and hangovers and sometimes just need a break or a palate cleanser. We are adults and therefore read adult books.


Our reviews are our own honest thoughts, feelings and opinions about the books we read. If you are not looking for an honest review then please do not waste your time by contacting us. Our reviews are subjective and represent the reviewers personal taste. 


We review almost every book we read and that includes good and bad reviews. Some reviews will just be a few thoughts jotted down and some will be in depth thoughts and feelings, but all reviews will be HONEST.


Our reviews include cover art, a synopsis of the novel pulled from Amazon, Goodreads or directly from the Author, our personal thoughts about the book, an overall star rating and a sexual content heat rating. Some of our reviews will also include pictures and/or gifs. We are very active on Goodreads and will post our reviews there also. We will do our best to send out a Facebook post and Tweet with a link to our reviews. We will also try to post reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Once a review/ARC is accepted:
If we receive an ARC to review then we will do our best to read and review prior to your release date if you so wish.

If we accept a review, it does not guarantee that the book will be read, or that we will post a review. We will do our best to get it done. However, there is life outside of our Naughty Book Snitching and that will always take priority.

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