Review ~ Stuffed by my Teddy by Lacey St. Claire

Title: Stuffed by my Teddy
Series: Stuffed by my Teddy #1
Author: Lacey St. Claire
Genre: Monster Erotica, Plushies/Furries
Pages: 35
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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Laura is surprised to find that her beloved stuffed teddy bears are much kinkier than she ever imagined!

Laura just had her 18th birthday making her a full-fledged adult, but there’s one thing she’s never been comfortable getting rid of – her favorite teddy bears. Late each night she is awoken to a fapping sound coming from the direction of her closet, but each time she investigates she finds nothing but clothes and her beloved bears. That is until Laura wakes up horny one morning and decides to pretend that one of her bears is a real man. As she wiggles and grinds on top of her furry friend she awakens a desire that she never knew could exist. The very next evening the bears take matters into their own hands and she finds herself bound to fulfil their furry fantasies. Before the evening is over she will be double stuffed by her plushies and loving every second of it.






Oh my goodness! Why do I love the weird stuff so much 😀 This was really funny and super hot. Great short read to put you in the mood or to double click your mouse. Who knew teddy bears could be this hot?






Laura’s been hearing someone masturbating in her closet for a while now. Every time she goes to investigate, she cant find anyone. Finally one night after hearing that fapping noise again, she grabs her favorite teddy bear to sleep with and get comfort. The next morning she is super horny and decides to use her teddy bear and pretend it is a real man.

This is just silly and erotic fun. So, me being the fabulous weirdo that I am… I’m getting the next one.

Below is a gif that perfectly describes the way I read these kind of books.






“You like being fucked by your teddy bears big hard cock don’t you?”



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About the Author



Lacey St. Claire remembers one of her first encounters with erotica. She doesn’t remember the exact age but knows it was pre-15. The local library had a book sale and she had picked up a book that appeared to be about witches and demons. Every kids dream right? Reading through the book one evening after school she came to a single story about the devil. Within the story the devil pounded a woman with his fiery rod. It was sinful, it was sexy, and it was HOT. The page became earmarked and was reread numerous times that year.

Now that Lacey is an author she wants to provide people the same thrill that she first experienced. She knows that reading erotica is still often viewed as taboo and is a great secret among most women, but it shouldn’t be. She wants everyone to be able to celebrate their individual tastes and to be able to experiment and explore through her erotic fiction. It doesn’t matter if your kink is alien breeding, BDSM, or men in tight motorcycle gear and helmets, there is something to get off anyone.

If you’re horny and you want to do something about it then you should. Erotica can be a great way to release stress and to get the juices flowing even if it’s just for your sexy stud at home. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed, turn those pages and flick your nub. Enjoy yourself!!

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