Review ~ The Boss’ Sexy Secretary by Chastity Deschain

Title: The Boss’ Sexy Secretary
Series: NA
Author: Chastity Deschain
Genre: Smut, Billionaire
Pages: 18
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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When Felicity Winters started her new job, she had no idea her boss was going to be handsome Ryan Harding, billionaire advertising mogul. She dresses provocatively to get his attention… and fails. Felicity does everything she can except throw herself at him to get his attention, but nothing works until late one Friday night when he calls her into his office. Is this her chance to capture his attention and get the satisfaction she craves?

This steamy, erotic billionaire short is 5000+ words in length.






Felicity has just landed a great job working for Ryan Harding as his secretary. Things get off to a rough start, but Felicity is a smart and strong woman and she’s not going to let any basic bitches derail her. As long as Mr. Harding is happy, then she is doing her job right. 😉






I would rate this between 3 & 4 stars, so I’m rounding up to 4. Pretty good for a short and smutty book. This is my first Chastity Deschain book and I will for sure read more from this author (I think I’m going to try her Wanted book next. Looks good 😉 ).

Anyway, although the ‘billionaire’ troupe has been super played out, this one isn’t in your face rich guy. I mean… its mentioned but this is such a short quickie that there is no time to get into it. The restroom solo scene was a bit awkward for me and some of the dialogue was cheesy but I really did enjoy the Friday night after work sex scene. Especially the belt… *shivers*.






I also have the audio book of this and its very interesting to hear someone else voice in your head. Haha! I mean, I already know what Felicity and Mr. Harding sound like in my head but for someone else to give them voices was interesting. Kalinda Little is the narrator for this and I think she did a great job. However, when it first started and before I got used to her voice, I felt like she could have been reading the news. 🙂 But I ended up really enjoying her.

Overall, I enjoyed it and this is a great quickie to read on your lunch break or right before bed. The story, narrator and sex are good.



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About the Author



Chastity Deschain is just a girl who wants to write hot, sexy stories for everyone to enjoy. She’s working hard to make this her regular job instead of just a hobby. 😉

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