Review ~ The Brothels of Brimstone by Alana Melos

Title: The Brothels of Brimstone
Series: Delilah Devilshot #2
Author: Alana Melos
Genre: Weird West Erotica
Pages: 94
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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In the Weird, Wild West…
The dusty town Brimstone isn’t good for much except brothels and getting to Mexico, but it’s where Delilah has tracked her prey. Now that Delilah has contracted her soul to the devil Azazel, she’s feels ready to take on the posse who killed her loved ones. Her thirst for vengeance leads to unexpected consequences and surprises. Things in Brimstone are not what they seem, and dark magic is afoot.

It’s in the brothels of Brimstone that Delilah’s devilish gifts from Azazel blossom and her sensual, sexual powers of seduction and strength unfurl. Things get hotter and weirder as Delilah learns to harness her newfound powers. Lives are forever changed as she takes the first steps in becoming Delilah Devilshot!

This novella is 33K+ words in length, and is intended for mature audiences. It contains explicit sexual situations (including lesbian, straight, and light bdsm) as well as violent images.






**UPDATE REREAD 3/16/17**
I listened to the audio version to refresh my memory so I can move onto the next one. I’m really glad I did because there is some important things I forgot about. Also, Irina Stone, the narrator is pretty good. Now I can move onto The Bruja and the Beast. **UPDATE REREAD 3/16/17**



Ahhhh… Satan’s balls! πŸ˜‰ I knew it! I knew that The Brothels of Brimstone was going to be awesome and it was! Ever since I read the first book, The Devil and Delilah, I’ve been hooked. So in this installment, Delilah is going after the gang of guys that killed her family and she is still trying to learn about her new self. Delilah meets Celia who is a cook in a brothel and has her first f/f experience. While in the brothel, Delilah takes advantage of all the healing qualities it has to offer before she sets out on completing her journey. Of course Azazel shows up and spices up the place.



“Oh, if we were in Hell… if I had you where I really wanted you…” He leaned down and purred in her ear, “I would strip the skin from your bones, and you would love every fucking second of it.”






The sex is very detailed and really good. My favorite part is the priest! I love the corrupting of a priest and I just don’t see it often. I see it in porn but not a lot in books (or at least the ones I’ve read). Just one of my kinks. I have no idea why… I’ve never been religious and rarely went to church. FUCK it’s naughty, taboo and hot πŸ˜‰






My ONLY complaints are that all of the books aren’t out yet and I wanted more story in the first 40ish percent. I know… WTF am I talking about? Let me try to explain… this story is so awesome, fascinating and epic that I need more of it. As the story progresses, I keep reading about all the sex Delilah is having. Which is fantastic and erotic to read about and it truly is important and a huge part of the story development. So, I totally get why there is so much of it. However, I wanted more story. The sex is fantastic and very well written but I think the story needs to outshine some of the sex.






Overall, I loved it and I can’t wait for the next Delilah Devilshot. There is a lot of behind the scenes things going on that pulls the reader in and wanting to come back for more. I need to find out what this “tribute” is. Devil baby? Anal? WHAT! Then the game between Azazel and Samael? It’s like they are playing dolls with people’s souls. I’d really like to learn more about the Red Shoes brothel, Johnny Pharoah, Luke and Samael. I’d like to know what Azazel has up his sleeve and what Delilah’s next move is.






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About the Author



ALANA MELOS is a struggling author who found out writing erotica gave her much more freedom in writing than when she wrote the “serious” literary stuff. Since this discovery, she’s endeavored to write the very best interesting, weird, plot-driven, and hot erotica she can. She sincerely hopes to just entertain people, whether they read for the plot, the weird factor, or the racy factor. Along with her loving husband, she lives with a crazy cat.



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