Review~All My Tomorrows by Kathryn Kelly

Title: All My Tomorrows 
Series: No
Author: Kathryn Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 303
Heat level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay

Brittany isn’t the same girl she was four years ago. Haunted by memories of a violent attack, she hides from the world, hoping to go through life unnoticed. That is until Trey—her first crush and the only man she ever loved—reappears.
Trey had been around Brittany her whole life. Seven years her senior, he’d watched her grow into a gorgeous young woman. When she turned sixteen and suddenly started practicing her newfound feminine wiles on him, Trey realized he needed to back off. Four years later, when he runs into her again in a nightclub, Trey realizes they still share a special connection. Not to mention he can’t stop thinking about how badly he wants to make love to her.
Brittany wants Trey, but before they can have a future together, she’ll need to deal with the awful secret she’s carried with her from her past.


This book has nothing to do with the Death Dwellers MC or her Phoenix series. It’s a stand alone and there’s no cliffhanger.

It’s a story about true love, at least on Brittney’s part. I guess Trey always loved but he refused to accept that most of the way through the book. Oh, he admitted he lusted after her even when she was jailbait but not love. This was a different story all together from what you usually read from this author. I liked it and it was a good cat and mouse situation. The suspense of the book in parts was heart pounding. I enjoyed that part a lot. I liked Brittney as a heroine. She was a hard worker because other than Trey and her brother, Bryson, she had no support staff. Her mother was truly a piece of shit.

What I didn’t care for was Trey. He was an asshole. A total player and a hypocrite. He was also very oblivious and stupid. Even when all the clues to the identity of Brittney’s attacker were staring him in the face, he refused to accept it until it was almost too late. Then there were some of Trey’s women just showing up willy nilly at his house. Hey playa, don’t let your sluts know where you live!

If you love a story about the power of first loves, hot sex and a bad guy you can truly loathe, pick this book up. You’ll enjoy it immensely.

Book given in exchange for an honest review by the author.
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