Review~Alpha Fighter by Ava Ashley

Title: Alpha Fighter 
Series: Alpha Fighter #1
Author: Ava Ashley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 238
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay

Savannah Santos is on the run, almost out of options and cash. She fled everything she ever knew to follow her career dreams and not endanger anyone by getting too close. But she wasn’t expecting her new roommate to be her dream guy.

For Cooper Quin, being any girl’s dream man, is nothing new, but he’s determined to stay exactly that: a dream. His focus is on killing it in the brutal MMA ring. With a dark past of pain and betrayal, falling in love is the last thing he intends to do. But his sexy new roommate is nothing like one of his usual one-night stands. With her, it feels safe to let his guard down.

Cooper knows a little about running from the past; Savannah’s is still looking for her. He can’t leave her alone, but pursuing her might be the MMA fighter’s undoing. She knows she can’t stay forever–not with two outlaw gangs searching everywhere to bring her back.


Savannah is an MC princess who’s on the run after finding the man she is supposed to marry having sex with someone else. To make matters worse, her intended was forced upon her by a marriage alliance between two former feuding MCs. Their marriage has to take place or there will be a blood war of epic proportions. She runs to a neighboring town where either of the MCs have no ties. She answers an ad for a roommate and meets Cooper.

Cooper is a man whoring fighter and is immediately taken with Savannah when she answers his ad. He becomes sort of obsessed with her. He at first keeps his distance but soon decides he wants to see where they could go romantically. This leaves him out of sorts because he’s never really cared about the company of a woman longer than it takes to sleep with her.

There were so many problems with this story for me. An arranged marriage by warring MCs? An alpha male becoming a beta male? Savannah running away but not very far? And she kind of seemed that she always planned to go back home to me. The sex when it happened was not noteworthy at all. The heroine seemed immature and annoying, always faltering back and forth. And the running from Cooper at the end? Nut up bitch, you knew what was coming.
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