Review~Conceit by Alana Albertson

Title: Conceit 
Series: Se7en Deadly SEALs #1
Author: Alana Albertson
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Pages: 91
Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

Se7en deadly Navy SEALs bound to secrecy about a party that ended in tragedy.

Six months my innocent brother Joaquín has spent in jail for a murder.

Five hours a day I’ve trained to go undercover to learn the truth.

Four plastic surgeries to transform into a pinup to gain access to their world.

Three shots of tequila I down before I take off my clothes to dance for the SEALs.

Two years since I’d left my soul mate Grant, the only man who can help me now.

One dead stripper found strangled and drugged.

Zero room for error. I’m Joaquín’s only hope for freedom. No sin is too depraved, no challenge is too great. Even if it means destroying my soul.


This is the first book in a series of novellas. It’s military romantic suspense, a personal fave of mine. It’s about Mia, who has to turn to her ex to help her try to clear her brother, who is in jail for murder. Her brother, Joaquin, is a SEAL team mate of her ex, Grant.

Grant has been ordered not to talk about the events and night of the murder. He certainly has no desire to help Mia with anything, despite his desire to clear his friend’s name. Mia is a bit of a pistol and after being refused help by Grant or the rest of her brother’s team, she is forced to take very drastic measures on her own.

I read this book and immediately started the second one. Great characters, great suspense and sex. I love this author’s work. This novella is linked to her Trident Code series.
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