Review~Discovering Me by Crystal Spears

Title: Discovering Me 
Series: Breakneck #4
Author: Crystal Spears
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Pages: 209
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay

Sniper Breaker has the reputation among the Breakneck MC as the brother looking for love. Deadly accurate with a gun, his skills protect him from the chaos that surrounds, but nothing will protect his heart. The brother that cares the most openly might be the one who gets hurt the worst.

Piper Lacy lives her life without constraint. Rescued after years of captivity, she refuses to waste one minute of her new-found freedom. Her best friend, Sniper, is the only person she’s shared her past with.

When crisis strikes the Breakneck World, the Red Ladies are called in to the compound, leaving Piper to question everything about her life and her love for a man she thought loved her in return.

But for Breakneck, that is only the beginning.


I am back in the world of the Breakneck MC and loving it! Coming off of the last book in the series and hating it as much as I did, I was scared to read this one. I should’ve had no fear and knew that one of my badass biker babes wouldn’t let me down again.

Sniper and Piper, cute huh, are best friends. They are totally in sync with one another. They can talk to each other about anything, except club business. This boundary doesn’t seem to bother Piper too badly. She has opened up to Sniper about her past that consisted of being kidnapped and being sold into sexual slavery. She has never shared that whole story with anyone else. He can talk to her about some of his sexual escapades and she chimes in with advice. Their banter is hilarious and very much the stuff of best friends.

There’s a night of Ecstasy and too much alcohol that upsets this balance of their friendship. The sex was off the charts hot for both of them but their dynamic has changed a little. Sniper has always wanted to fall in love but never with his best friend. Piper never wanted to do that either. Hello, I read the book and they were both lying! They’ve been panting after each other for a long time now. After Piper is taken, Sniper realizes that he has been in love with her for quite some time. The race is on to see if he can find her before their love ends when it just got started.

This was a great read for me. Good main couple, plus you get a quick check in with the other members. And the best part, Winter and Braxton’s baby is born! The name they give her made me tear up. Can’t wait to see what the author has planned for this series.

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