Review~Easy by Dahlia West

Title: Easy 
Series: Burnout #4
Author: Dahlia West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 191
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Kay the Snitch Bitch

Jimmy “Easy” Turnbull lost more than just his lower right leg during his time in Iraq. The confident man whose good looks charmed countless women into bed has been gone for over three years. In his place is a surly and defensive wounded warrior plagued by self-doubt and anger.

Daisy Cutter doesn’t give a damn what people think, not about her tattoos, her piercings or anything else. Other people’s opinions have never bothered her, not even the hot ex-Army Ranger who occasionally takes her to bed (when they make it that far) but can’t seem to remember her name afterward.

Daisy wants a new life, and she’s determined to get it. Easy wants his old life back, but he knows that can’t happen now. Eventually Daisy’s past catches up to her and her dreams of making a home in Rapid City are threatened. Easy must decide what his new future will look like, and whether not there’s room for a sassy blonde who pushes all his buttons.


Jimmy, or Easy as we readers of the series know him as, is an absolute mess. He lost the lower part of a leg when he was in the Armed forces. He, as you can figure, didn’t handle it well. He was angry, aggressive and had a death wish. By the time this book starts, he’s had more time to come to terms with his injury. He has some confidence with his mobility and wants to come back to romancing the ladies. He’s still nervous but knows he has to try.

Daisy is new to town and a bit of a free spirit. She’s tatted and pierced. She also doesn’t make the best decisions where men are concerned. She’s trying to change all that though. She just wants a job, a place to live and some peace. Things start to look up for her on those fronts too. Then she crosses paths with Easy and both of their lives change.

These two very broken characters captured my heart from the very beginning. I felt for each of them so much. As much as I liked them both, they also pissed me off. Daisy by letting Easy treat her like a slut and Easy for treating her that way. Those things aside, I loved it. Great series.
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One thought on “Review~Easy by Dahlia West

  1. Anne

    Kay, is this an MC book? What is the suspense level? Do I need to read the series in order? Really, what I’m asking is, would I like this? 🙂

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