Review~Resenting Me by Crystal Spears

Title: Resenting Me
Series: Breakneck, #2.5
Author: Crystal Spears
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Pages: 117
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay



One look at the beautiful Hawaiian flower dancing on stage at his buddy’s strip club and Pyro’s world changes. He’s lost, captivated, head over heels. He tries to stay away, resist her charms, but he just hires Hazel and Winter as entertainment for the Breakneck President’s thirtieth birthday party, unknowingly putting the girls’ lives in danger.
Hazel convinces Winter to take the Breakneck gig so that she can get closer to Pyro. Playing the temptress to the max, Hazel appears on stage wearing white angel wings, and little else, drawing Pyro in to where she wants him. Needless to say, they both get very little sleep that night.

One night together making love until the sun comes up and these two are in too deep. But this is the Breakneck world, and sunrise brings gunfire and bloodshed. Time brings Winter’s abduction and brutal rape. Hazel’s guilt burrows deep, and she pushes everyone away. She is resenting herself for convincing Winter to enter this Breakneck world. She is resenting Pyro for ensnaring her heart.

This is the story of Pyro and Lana. It is simply the story of how, sometimes, love just isn’t enough.



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This novella gives us an insider’s view on the ill fated relationship between Pyro, the VP of the Breackneck MC and Lana, the exotic dancer that shook us, as readers, to our cores. Sure, you got glimpses of the relationship in Braxxon and Winter’s book but this one is all about them. There are times that you get a little repetition from the previous book but it didn’t detract from the story at all for me. I wanted a book about them even knowing the outcome and when I got it, I was gutted all over again.

You felt the joy, love, fear, pain and overwhelming loss that I expected. The journey to that loss though was worth it. There was some frustration at Lana for her indecisiveness of their relationship but when she came to terms with that during the last minutes of her life, I was in tears. Crystal Spears did a wonderful job with a tragic story that just again proves to me that she is indeed one of my five badass biker babes. I hope that down the road, Pyro gets his HEA because Lana would want for him what she never got for herself…to always feel.

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