Review~Rule’s Obsession by Lynda Chance

Title: Rule’s Obsession
Series: House of Rule #1
Author: Lynda Chance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 160
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars




An alpha-male like no other: Damian Rule is an ultra-staid businessman who likes his life just so. He wears his hair cut short; he demands his business affairs be organized, and he insists that his women be impeccably groomed and conservative in both speech and appearance. When he meets Angie Ross for the first time, he sees a hot, beautiful, gothic mess. With her fishnet stockings and spiked leather cuffs, she’s wildly inappropriate for his long term needs. But for the short term? She’ll do just fine.






This was my first novel by Lynda Chance but definitely not my last. It was so enjoyable to me. What’s not to love? Adorable goth heroine? Check. Over the top Alpha? Check. Three other siblings to possibly have books about them? Check. Hilarious at times? Check. Over the top at times? Check.Damian Rule helps run his family’s business along with his brothers. They’ve pulled that business out of the throes of bankruptcy after their father’s death and that was no small feat. The brothers protected their mother, sister and adopted sister from most of the financial disaster. In this story you really only hear about Damian being a part of it but the it does talk about it being a joint effort of the brothers. Damian gets his haircut at a salon that specializes in men and children cuts. He happened upon it by chance but keeps coming back because of a certain Goth stylist that he can’t seem to get out of his mind. I mean, he obsessively thinks about her. Thinks about what he wants to do to her sexually. If it wasn’t so alpha hot, it might have been creepy.

Angie Ross is a stylist and her Goth look is really just for show. She admits to being a poser where the Gothic lifestyle is concerned. She uses it as a method of reinventing herself. She likes the color black and alternative rock music and the clothes but that’s where it ends. She saves her money as best she can but personally she’s alone. She’s always noticed Damian Rule when he’s come in for his haircuts not only because of his attractiveness but because he looks so out of place here. He’s sophisticated, brooding, dangerous looking and totally out of his element. Fate steps in one day when a coworker, the one who usually cuts Damian’s hair, has to leave work because of a sick child.

This encounter throws them both off of their game. Damian is an aggressive man in his demeanor but this both excites and unnerves Angie. She cuts his hair and he leaves. Later, as she’s leaving work, he’s waiting for her in the parking lot under the guise of saying she messed up his haircut. She knows he’s full of shit but then he has a proposition for her. He needs her in all her Gothic glory to be an escort to one of his mother’s parties. You see, Damian knows he needs to marry and marry well. It what’s expected of a man in his position. But his mother has been trying to set him up with his so-called, adopted sister. This is maddening for him because he views her as a sister and nothing else. Taking Angie to the party will hopefully get his mother to notice that he’s not interested. He offers to pay Angie very well for her accompanying him to this get together. Angie does it because her co-worker could use the money for her sick child.

That’s the setup to the story but it by no means ends there. The relationship that develops is intense in emotions and sexuality. Damian might be the most alpha of any hero I’ve ever read and that’s saying something because I LOVE alpha males. He’s almost to the point of being an alpha hole but not quite. He’s dominant, pushy, stubborn and set in his ways. Angie is a nice opposite for him. She’s no pushover but all of his qualities rev her engine. If you want an extreme alpha male, a strong but gentle heroine, funny scenes that make you chuckle, filthy sex talk and sex scenes that rock your socks off, you’ve got to read this book. It really was that good.



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