Review~Severed Angel by K.T. Fisher & Ava Manello

Title: Severed Angel 
Series: Severed MC #1
Authors: K.T. Fisher and Ava Manello
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 256
Heat level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Kay

Eve could never have imagined that her trip to Australia, where she is set to be maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, could turn from exciting to deadly so quickly.

Her sheltered and boring vanilla life comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in Australia and witnesses a shocking MC murder putting her life in extreme danger. The Carnal MC are a dangerous and savage motorcycle gang who want Eve and will stop at nothing to seek their revenge.

Just when it seems her nightmare fate is sealed, Eve is rescued by the Severed MC and quickly falls for the club’s Vice President Gabe aka “Angel”. This could be just the diversion she needs. With her new protectors, Eve faces a whole new life she never could have imagined…

Gabe never wanted an old lady. One look at the beautiful Eve cowering at the hands of the enemy changes all that. Starting a war with the Carnal MC and having Eve in his bed is just the beginning.

When Gabe stakes his claim, he goes all in. War with Carnal MC is just the price of making Eve his, and only his. But love invites blood and tragedy in an MC’s life.

Just when it’s looking up for his MC and his new woman, a savage attack blows the lid off everything. Revenge possessed and determined can the hot tattooed biker save her from the danger that lies ahead?


I’m not sure where to start. This would be considered a fairly dark book but then again if you are gonna do MC romance, I think it has to be dark. MC lite is okay but I can’t get fully invested in it. The genre isn’t meant to be lite in any form. It should be real, raw and gritty. You certainly get that with this book.

Eve is a Brit, who is traveling to Australia to be in her childhood best friend’s wedding. Her best friend is the old lady of an MC President. Eve, who has had a rough but still sort of sheltered life, has no idea what the MC lifestyle is like, other than what she’s read in romance novels. This made me giggle a little bit. She’s there for the wedding for about a month and had to leave her two year old daughter back home. She’s now a single mother since her ex husband left her and her baby. Her best friend gave her specific instructions on what to do when she got to town. They had planned to meet up the next day but Eve was so excited to see her friend that she tried to find the clubhouse on her own. She ended up lost and stopped at a convenience store. The store was deserted up front and as she shopped, she heard noises. She investigated the noise only to come up on the shop owner being executed by a beautifully handsome man. As she tries to escape, she’s caught and threatened. They would’ve killed her had her friend not went looking for her.

“Angel” Gabe is the VP of the Severed MC. He is also a beautifully handsome man. He’s dangerous and everything a VP for an MC should be. When they found his Prez’s old lady’s friend, he was shocked at how beautiful she was. His anger intensified at her not only putting herself in danger therefore the MC but because his twin brother was the one who threatened her. As the club tries to protect Eve, the danger mounts and mounts. The intensity of the situation and the fact that Eve was scared to death of him in the beginning doesn’t help. He’s totally drawn to Eve but will she ever return those feelings when he shares the same face as the Devil himself?

Now let’s talk about this evil twin brother. His road name is Satan. Yes, Satan. He chose the name to be the opposite of Angel or Gabriel. Get it? Biblical. He truly is a psychotic. He is very scary. He’s a VP for Severed’s arch rival MC, Carnal. He will stop at nothing to kill Eve since she can ID him for the shop owner’s murder. If he can strike out at or hurt his twin, all the better.

I enjoyed the good twin/evil twin thing. I can’t wait to see how and if it plays out. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the next book. This book has hot sex, romance, and suspense. All things you need in a good MC romance.

Book given in exchange by the authors for an honest review.

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