Review~Wanting It All by Kati Wilde

Title: Wanting It All
Series: Hellfire Riders MC
Author: Kati Wilde
Genre: Contemporary
Pages: 78 pages
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Kay



Saxon Gray has reason to hate me. He spent five years in prison after saving me from a brutal violation at the hands of a rival motorcycle club – and he paid for that rescue with his freedom. I’ve never been able to settle the debt I owe him…until now. The menace of that old rivalry is flaring up again, and as president of the Hellfire Riders, Saxon is the one man who can keep me safe. But I want more than his protection. I want his heart.






Ten years ago, Jenny was in the wrong place at the wrong time and something bad happened. Actually, a few bad things happened. She was sexually assaulted, a man was killed and another man went to prison. Jenny has grown since the incident, got her college degree and opened her own business. She’s successful but not totally comfortable with her life. She has men issues, naturally. She freezes up when they try to touch her. She also lives with the guilt that the man who defended her went to prison.

Jenny is the daughter of an MC President. The club is slowly losing strength and her father is terminally ill. She also lives with the threat of retaliation from the MC that the man who assaulted her and died was a member of. One night as she was driving home, she was followed by that MC and she turned into the Hellfire Riders MC clubhouse area. Even though she’s friends with a member’s sister, she’s still the daughter of another MC’s President. There are rules to this sort of thing and showing up uninvited is not well received.

Jenny sees Saxon, the man who saved her and as always, she feels things she know she shouldn’t. Saxon is moody, broody, dangerous and all she’s ever wanted. Saxon approaches her for the first time in years, asking her if she’s here because she talked to her dad. Confused, Jenny asks about what. This starts a wonderful story about getting everything you want even when you thought it wasn’t possible.

This is a novella in a series of novellas that deal with the goings on of the Hellfire Riders MC. Even though it’s a novella, there were times it read like a full length novel. It was everything an MC romance should be. Good main characters, hints of good secondary characters, hot sex and dark suspense. A solid addition to the genre which makes this reviewer very happy because there are only a few that do it right. I’ve gotta get her backlist and devour it.


ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Attractive woman reading a book

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