Review ~ Shadowy Tentacle Passion by Reed James

Title: Shadowy Tentacle Passion 
Series: Magical Girl Chronicles #1
Author: Reed James
Genre: Erotica, Fantasy, Monster Erotica
Pages: 123
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Naughty Book Snitch Alana
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A young, innocent college student discovers her destiny as Magical Girl Persephone!

A Naughty monster stalks the night, and Cora, an innocent college student, is the only one that can stop it. When she buys a magical vibrator, she is chosen to be Magical Girl Persephone and sent to find the tentacle monster.

But will Cora be able to fight off her innocent desires for the monster’s writhing tentacles and the handsome, dark stranger that controls it? Cora will rise to the occasion and enjoy herself as she is taken hard by the shadowy monster and its exciting tentacles!

What’s a Magical Girl to do when her lusts boil over?

This hot, erotic novella contains kinky fun, including: tentacles, monsters, first time, lesbian, domination, submission, magic, and supernatural passion! This hot tale is not for the faint at heart!

A Magical Girl Chronicle erotica!



Boy, you got that right. It’s NOT for the faint of heart.

When I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. I’m a big anime fan, and even though “magical girl” anime is not my favorite I know about it, of course. Everyone does who has ever heard of Sailor Moon! The plot is pretty similar, though definitely warped for erotica. Cora, a young college student, is dating a nice “nerd” by the name of Aidan, and while she wants to go all the way, both of them are awkward and naive. Ashley, Cora’s room mate, tells her she needs to blow off some steam and do something naughty, so she takes her to a sex shop to buy a vibrator. Cora is terribly embarrassed, but drawn to a particular vibrator and ends up purchasing it. On the way home, she sees a woman being stalked by a tentacle monster and runs away, disbelieving what she saw.

When she does use the vibrator for the first time, it awakens the demi-goddess Iris inside who then tells Cora she’s Magical Girl Persephone and it’s up to her to fight against evil Queen Hera and her naughty monsters and the men who control them.

That’s the summation of the plot… but it doesn’t do it justice. The entire time I was reading this, all I kept seeing was this:

And this:

Seriously. And you know what? It was AWESOME. Reed nailed all the beats for a magical girl anime, and I was giggling through a lot of it. It was funny! This was me reading throughout the entire book:

He even put in the moves, adjusted for erotica, like “Kinky Vine Bondage!” and “Sexy Razor Leaves!”. On top of that, upon seeing Hades for the first time with his mask and leather pants with the BULGING crotch I cannot tell you how much I giggled, and had to put my kindle aside for a minute while I laughed.

But was it sexy? If you have read any of Reed’s writing before, you know he puts in the sex. A lot of it. Everywhere. We have first time, we have lesbian, we have monster tentacle sex, anal, masturbation, public sex (sort of)… there are a TON of sex scenes, and most of them were well written. They were somewhat short to my tastes, but it didn’t matter because right around the corner was another hot scene.

Plot and naughty bits… but what about characterization? Tons of it. Yeah, there’s the slutty room mate, but it’s done in such a way that it’s not shaming. She’s just very open about her sex drive and how much she wants it. Rock on, sister! Cora is nice, but naive, and she really angsts about having to fill up on sex to power her magical girl powers because she doesn’t want to cheat on Aidan. We even see snippets from the villain’s POV, making him sympathetic. On top of all of that goodness, we have an exciting fight scene (with naughty parts in it), AND an interesting take on the Greek gods!

If I had a criticism, it’s only ONE thing. I can tell parts of it were written in first person… in two places the prose slips back to first person mode. Now, I know how hard it can be to starting writing in one way, then decide you want to do it another way and switch all the prose to the new way. I didn’t detract from it, but it was a little disappointing to see in an otherwise crisp and clean text. I give this book 9.5 out of 10 KINKY VINE BONDAGES!

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2 thoughts on “Review ~ Shadowy Tentacle Passion by Reed James

  1. Awesome review! I have this book and will need to move it closer to the top of my TBR list 🙂 I love everything you mentioned.

    • It was really funny. I liked it so much I borrowed the second one right away!

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