Review ~ The Bruja and the Beast by Alana Melos

Title: The Bruja and the Beast 
Series: Delilah Devilshot #3
Author: Alana Melos
Genre: Weird West Erotica
Pages: 105
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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In the Weird, Wild West…

Delilah’s quest for vengeance is forestalled as she seeks weapons potent enough to confront her enemies… and secrets of the occult world of which she is now a part. In Mexico, she meets with a mexican witch, called a bruja, to gain what she requires… but the bruja’s help comes with a price. Recruited to stage a jailbreak, Delilah’s quest, and world, get larger as she travels through southern Mexico seeking a lost civilization to help a god ascend to his power.

This is a dark fantasy, weird west erotic novella. It contains violence and sexual situations and is meant for mature audiences only and is 33,000+ words.








Satan’s balls, this is a damn good series and so far, The Bruja and the Beast is my favorite. I got the perfect mix of story, sex and adventure with a little bit of teasing about things to come! A lot of things were revealed in this one, but only enough to let you know that there is a lot more adventure waiting for us. Honestly… I’m considering pulling a Misery move on Alana Melos and making her finish this serious out as soon as possible.






Delilah is still trying to track gang of supernatural men that killed her family. She is also determined to learn more about herself and understand her powers and limitations. Delilah is now traveling with Cèlia to Cèlia’s grandmothers, Marguerite (bruja or witch) house in hopes of learning how to kill these supernatural gang she is tracking. So, Marguerite can actually help Delilah but she needs her to do something for her first. She must free Nicolás from jail and bring him back to her, unharmed. Ready to move forward with Delilah’s own goals, she agrees.



“Changing a point of view is the first lesson of the spirits and the start of learning to bend the world to your will. You see the world as you wish it, then use your will to make the change.”



Once Nicolás is free, he has his own agenda for Delilah which turn out to be really enlightening, especially when he brings his friend Rose, along. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I don’t want to give away any of the juicy details. And, no… that is not a innuendo for sex. It’s actually plot details that is moving this story in amazing and epic ways.

Azazel makes a few appearances and he is still a horny and sexy devil. I’m still uncertain about what kind of game he is playing. He is a shady fucker and I don’t trust him. Actually, I don’t trust anybody! Everyone has their own shit and seem to be in it for their own gain.

There is some sexy time in this book, but Delilah is “trying” to control her succubus urges. It’s perfectly done. Sometimes giving into those urges and sometimes holding back or finding alternative ways to control it. But when she does give into those urges, you’ll want to make sure you’re in a cool area because your ereader is in danger of melting and your panties will burst into flames.






Overall, I loved it. I’m not sure you could tell from the review, but I did. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. This book is big on adventure and it just makes me all giddy. It could almost be one of those pick your own adventure books. Flaming Satan’s balls, that would be fucking epic! My only complaint is that I’m learning that I’m not really a fan of the female/female action. This isn’t only f/f, but there are a couple f/f scenes. Maybe if there was some penis mixed in with the f/f I would like it more. I am a huge fan of cock. Bring on the penis party! Anyway, I would recommend this to fans of weird west and fantasy genres.



“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”



Bring on book #4! I’m ready!!








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ALANA MELOS is a struggling author who found out writing erotica gave her much more freedom in writing than when she wrote the “serious” literary stuff. Since this discovery, she’s endeavored to write the very best interesting, weird, plot-driven, and hot erotica she can. She sincerely hopes to just entertain people, whether they read for the plot, the weird factor, or the racy factor. Along with her loving husband, she lives with a crazy cat.



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Review ~ Spicy Dinner for Three by Lusty Soul

Title: Spicy Dinner for Three
Series: NA
Author: Lusty Soul
Genre: Erotica, Bisexual, MFF, Menage
Pages: 25
Heat Level: 4 out of 4 flames
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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I’m going to do something a little different with the synopsis. I’m going to post the part of the synopsis that I think is relevant and then I will post the actual synopsis.


Lucy is Sabine’s first lesbian lover. But she’s in a very satisfying relationship with Marc, whom she loves to death. The only option she has to pursue her romance with Lucy while staying faithful to Marc is to bring the two together. Lucy, a master seductress whose wanderings have brought her into the lives of many couples, knows just how to make that happen…



Here is the entire synopsis as found on Goodreads:


A steaming and passionate short story of a dinner party that makes you want to skip dessert.

Lucy accepts an invitation to her friend Sabine and her boyfriend’s house to celebrate the turn of the year with them. As January 1st is Lucy’s birthday, she has a special treat planned for her friends. Sabine and Lucy have cooked up the recipe together, and Sabine’s boyfriend Marc will be the lucky guinea pig that will get the first taste…

Lucy is Sabine’s first lesbian lover. But she’s in a very satisfying relationship with Marc, whom she loves to death. The only option she has to pursue her romance with Lucy while staying faithful to Marc is to bring the two together. Lucy, a master seductress whose wanderings have brought her into the lives of many couples, knows just how to make that happen…

A few beta-reader’s comments…
“Reading this does things to me i never thought would be possible”
“Epic and utterly sublime as always my dear – you totally draw me in and keep me hanging on each word you write”
“Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the suspense was great, nice twist leaving the end open…cliff hanger!! Want, no NEED to know more!”
“meaningful..stirring-sensual story…”






Lucy and Sabine are best friends turned lesbian lovers but Sabine is in a serious relationship with Marc. Sabine and Lucy are planning a dinner party to get Marc involved and we, the reader, are the lucky ones who get to enjoy it from the sidelines.






The book starts off in present day with Lucy, Sabine and Marc celebrating New Years or Oudjaar as they say in Flemish. Lucy and Sabine are playing their parts perfectly, flirting, acting innocent, manipulating the situation and getting Marc’s libido all riled up. Lucy and Sabine setting up the scene was very subtle foreplay and I very much enjoyed it.






Then… it sort of got off track for a minute with the Gods of Metal, Gretel a Gothic demon and Hans who are some sort of succubus. *cue the scratching record and then silence*. Wait… what? Is this a paranormal or supernatural book? I’m still not 100% sure but there is an strong undercurrent of hints thrown in throughout the book.

So, moving on. In the next section we get a little bit of Lucy’s back story. She is a very intriguing person and I would really like to know more about her. We learn how Lucy and Sabine met and how they came to be lovers.






I did feel that this entire section was out of place. In my opinion, it would have worked better in the beginning. A progression of the story instead of the back and forth.

Well, then we get back to the story I wanted to read about. This part of the book may cause spontaneous humping of anything in your general vicinity. You’ve been warned. Oh my word… I have NEVER read a better description of a blow job in my life! I could almost feel Marc’s cock in my mouth. Mmmmm! Then when all three of them are going at it…. it’s magical. The rest of the book will have you touching yourself. It is seriously that fantastic. Lucy, Sabine and Marc have the hottest sex ever. It’s so good that I want to go back and reread it.






There is one part in here that makes me gag a little. I’ve seen it in porn before, but its not really my thing. It was quick and the author didn’t dwell on it so Im good.

Overall, I loved it. This book surprised me in a very good way. It had me panting like a cat in heat. Reading this book has the potential to cause spontaneous humping so I would use caution if reading in a public place. That could turn into a very awkward situation. I’m filing this under my 2 finger, 1 hand read and favorite sex scene categories. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys ménage with masturbation worthy material.



I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.
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A wandering soul, lust its sole motivation for seeking out encounters that stand out.

Lusty soul is a pseudonym, an avatar, an interactive immersion in erotica that surpasses mere physical appeasement. Personal encounters spiced up with a dash of fantasy that aim to leave you, the reader, wanting more.

Many manifestations online all have one thing in common…LS, the initials of many personas that all amalgamate into Lusty Soul.


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Review ~ Rubber Space Academy by Roxy Katt

Title: Rubber Space Academy
Author: Roxy Katt
Genre: Erotica, Fetish, Comedy, F/F
Pages: 41
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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Space cadet Pamela Blamm is in trouble. Unauthorized sex toys have been found in her footlocker at the highly repressed Titus Bysshe Women’s Space Academy, and it looks like she will be disciplined. But Pamela’s encounter with the rubber skirted CO takes a bizarre turn and leads to a series of erotic and comical escapades with latex clad women of the academy. Will Pamela be able to escape?






Warning! This book is NOT for everyone. Im on the fence with the flame rating. Is the 3 out of 4 flames appropriate? The sex or sexual acts were erotic enough, but not in a sexy make you want to “buff your muffin” kind of way. More like a sexual fetish sort of way that may have a very specific audience. This is what I would call erotic fetish comedy.



rubber fetish



rubber space academy



Pamela Blamm is a cadet at Titus Bysshe Women’s Space Academy. She’s a lesbian with a rubber fetish stuck in an Academy full of uptight cunt teases.



model walk



“Lesbian rubberhaven was turning out to be one great, heterosexual cunt tease.”





When Blamm’s secret toy and magazine stash is found, she’s confronted Major Marilyn Morgan. When Major Morgan was about to proposition Blamm, she somehow “accidently” got herself handcuffed and Blamm, being an opportunist, took advantage of the situation. Blamm is teaching the Major about who is really in charge.









From here, Blamm is set on a whirlwind of an unbelievable adventure to get the fuck out of Dodge.



Alright… now there are some pretty nasty stuff, but Ive got a twisted sense of humor and I thought it was hilarious.



Click Here For Spoiler

“As I slowly pulled the vibrator out she involuntarily emitted a great sequence of cracking farts, spluttering through the pussylube that abundantly lined her hole, thundering repeatedly like a squadron of dreadnaughts.”





Then the author slaps you with some really… umm… specific fetish, that is definitely not in my kink bucket.



Warning! This quote is NOT for everyone. Consider yourself warned!
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“I pissed all over her face: a great, thundering stream of fresh, hot piss. She groaned, spluttered; inarticulate cries of confusion and shock rose from beneath my sticky pussy.”

HA! I told you didn’t I?!



hell no



Oh, you think that’s a little crazy… well, let me introduce you to some Denebian Cunt Eels! And….






But wait… there’s more! Xena Mars, the super star of space pilots is at the Academy visiting. Sealed up in her super shiny latex suite and helmet has Blamm hot all over again. In disguise, Blamm works her way onto Xena’s ship. Then, well, this is where I pretty much got grossed out and had a ten minute laughing fit.



big gut









Overall, I really liked it. I laughed so much that my family had to come and check on me because they thought I was crying. Hahaha! I thought it was really funny and strangely erotic. Is this for everyone? Hell no! Will people with an open mind who can deal with a little erotic fetish that may not be specifically in their kink bucket enjoy this? Yes, I think so. This is a fascinating journey though Titus Bysshe Women’s Space Academy, with a horny and sexually repressed lesbian who leaves a trail of women hogtied and sexually deviated. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will read this author again.



I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.
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About The Author



I started writing erotica in the 90s, just for my own entertainment. Then I thought it might be fun to publish it, and perhaps even make a little money. My first publication was a graphic short story (art by Tom Porta) in the very first issue of Heavy Rubber Magazine (1997). Since then I have published in a number of major erotic anthologies, such as the winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures (Cleis Press, 2009).

Erotic fetish writing can be divided, of course, into a number of genres or subgenres such as rubber, leather, armour, BDSM, spanking, etc. But as a fetish writer, I find my own difficulty in publicizing my work lies in the fact that while it incorporates these and other genres, it does not always fit neatly into one of them.

So how do I describe my hard to categorize work to the person who, unbeknownst to him or herself, might enjoy this lesbian and transgender erotica, but has no one label with with to search for it?

I think you could say, first of all, that humiliation is central. And usually, the humiliation is comical, cartoonish, unusual, or bizarre.

The humiliation often involves some form of being tied up, stuck in something, rendered peculiarly powerles (especially by one’s own seemingly empowering garments)

And there must be a build-up to the humiliation. I am all about foreplay. For me, that is the sexiest thing in an erotic story. So many tales begin with two paragraphs that introduce stock, uninteresting characters, and then proceed with 30 pages of “insert Tab A into Slot B” sex. I do not find this even remotely interesting.

Not that I do not describe sexual acts and their consummation in detail — I most certainly do.

My work could be described as BDSM, but not in the classic sense of two people getting together in a “dungeon” like setting, within one of them tormenting the other for so many pages in more or less predictable ways. My characters do not usually start out saying “let’s have sex,” but that is what they end up doing. For example, if one character wears a rubber suit, it is not because she is a dominatrix preparing to play with a sex partner, but because she is a spacewoman or a diver. I tend to contrive “realistic” excuses for my characters wearing fetish gear. To me, a woman dressed up like Catwoman is sexier if she is doing so to burgle an estate, rather than explicitly to have sex. Rest assured, though, somehow she will have sex.






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