Review ~ My Gym Desires by O.M. Wills

Title: My Gym Desires 
Series: ASNAD #1
Author: O.M. Wills
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 39
Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flames
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: Mindy
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The feeling you get when you’re in the gym, surrounded by people you find yourself drawn to and secretly wish you could have right then and there, just the way they are … hot and sweaty.

Don’t you ever wish you could act on your most primal instincts when you feel them?

Welcome to My Gym Desires. Written from a guy’s perspective.

I hope you enjoy.

~O.M. Wills~






So I hate to say this, but this set of short stories was not my favorite. I definitely prefer My College Desires. I liked the last story best. I didn’t connect with the first story and the second story would have been better if it was about Vincent. So let’s jump into what I’m talking about.



The Lonely Writer
I’m not a fan of this story at all. I couldn’t connect with the characters and Christina and William annoyed the hell out of me. Let me try to explain.

First let me say that I did start off liking it. I thought it was cute how insecure William was and how his thoughts are probably the same as most women. Plus all that wanting coffee talk really made me want a coffee. Also, most of the sex was pretty hot but that’s about it. So Im giving this a 2.5 and rounding up to 3 because the third story was the best.



“I finally know how women feel when they say – I just want to go to the gym and not be hit on.”



When Christina and William started interacting, that is where I couldn’t stand the back and forth between them.

So, the multiple reasons why this story dry humped my last nerve. I’m done with the period talk. Even if they are only talking about a “man period”. Please just stop. It’s not sexy.



“Mm, God this is good! Sweet as hell, but good!” she said smiling as she took a few sips.”






Next, William seems like a whiny little bitch. I mean… come on dude! Did you leave your balls in your purse back at the house? William gets his tampon all twisted and starts acting like a dick.






Then Christina is fucking freebasing lead paint because she thought that what William said was putting too much of his heart out there too soon. What? He told your bitch ass exactly what he thought of your snotty and stuck up ass.






Also, how could Christina have known that William was an author just by him saying… and I’m quoting… “Zap the moisture comment.” You’ll have to read the story to know what I’m talking about.






And this is where this story should end because there is no way these two are hooking up. Nope. I’m wrong. The story then goes into a completely different direction. It’s like I was reading about 2 different people all together. So, for the first part of the story, Christina was the aggressor or more dominant of the interactions. She was pretty much chasing William and he was the more submissive. But once Christina get William to her apartment, their roles seem to switch for the most part. Now Christina is playing hard to get with the innocent school girl tactic.

It was just totally unbelievable. These two people just met for the first time. Went back to her place and had unprotected sex with a stranger.





Out Matched
This story was just odd to me. Kevin and Vincent are going to work out. Vincent is married but apparently his wife is okay with bringing another woman into the bedroom. Which I would love to read about. But no, this story is about Kevin. The guys spot a couple of women working out and comment on how old they are and their old bodies and how their kids are probably old with kids of their own. So… they guesstimate they are 45-50. WTF? Really? That is not old. And I am assuming… since this story is very confusing on who I was actually reading about, that it was both guys saying this and I’m assuming they were talking about both women. I did go back and reread and try to figure it out, but I’m still unclear.






So, Vincent goes off with the one women and Kevin goes for the second old chick, Olivia. There is a moment when they are talking that Olivia has tears in her eyes. Color me confused. What happened? I don’t know. Is she crying… is she laughing so hard she is crying. I have no idea.

So Kevin puts on his stellar moves and gets Olivia to take him home. On the way to Olivia’s Kevin notices that Olivia seems a little excited and makes a comment about it. Olivia then says this…



“I’m old, I have to pee, can’t hold it like I used to, but whatever you say,”



Stop! You are not old. Jeez. Oh but wait… it gets better. So, as soon as Olivia gets in the house, she goes straight for the restroom and relieves herself. Ok, no biggie. Then Kevin says this… sarcastically….

“Mmm, yhea girl, listening to you pee makes me hard as fuck,”



So Olivia responds with an ‘oh yeah, come and look then’. And then pees some more in front of Kevin. Oh… then she proceeds to wipe and then smell the toilet paper. Yep, that happened. While this is going on, Kevin guesses that Olivia is a Capricorn. I seriously don’t understand where that came from. I am a Capricorn and I have never done any of this and never even considered it.






Anyway, so Olivia comments on how she smells and is going to clean herself up before she has sex this young guy. But he stops her. He really likes it dirty. Mmmkay. Whatever floats your boat. Then Olivia sarcastically scoops air from between her legs and throws it toward his face. Like she is dishing him a cup-of-cheese but with pussy smell. (my definition of cup-of-cheese is when you fart into your hand and toss it into the face {or cup it over the nose and mouth} of an unsuspecting person. You’re welcome XD)

Anyway, there is also a confusing moment where I can’t tell if Olivia is still on the pot or if she is standing up. Because, I thought Olivia was up and moving around and then she pulls down Kevin’s pants and she is staring at his dick, but his pre-cum dripped on her thigh and on the toilet seat. And she licks it off her thigh. Okay. Mercy… please stop. The next part is almost like cheesy lines from a porno.






Okay so now the sex. So Olivia is pretty demanding. Actually I think all the women in these short stories are pretty demanding and they all want their pussy eaten. Ok. I get it. I’m down for that and I love it. More power to you and pray that he knows what he’s doing. Don’t want to train a new one.






Anyway, I’m sure you can guess that Olivia and Kevin have sex. Again… random stranger, no protection and she doesn’t want him to pull out.






Also, not my favorite story and I was confused most of the time.





Assisting the Trainer
So this story is my favorite out of the three. These people know each other and I’m guessing they work together as trainers at the gym. Marcus is giving Vivian a foot rub and it feels hella good. Marcus and Vivian are clearly interested in each other and Marcus puts on the suave moves.






“What am I’m getting at huh? Well that’s simple, I plan to massage every part of your body until you’re completely relaxed.”






Which is code for I’m going to eat you out and massage you with my tongue and then massage you from the inside with my dick.






This is still a story about unprotected sex but at least these people know each other and its super hot.

Overall, all these stories were filled with awkward moments, a lot of internal dialog which did confuse me on what was going on and unprotected one night stands with strangers. Like I said before, the first story I couldn’t connect with, the second story was just odd to me and the third story was my favorite. I may be experiencing an off day or something so maybe that’s why I couldn’t connect with this one. But I would recommend trying this author out and this series. The writing is good and the ideas are great. So I’m giving this three stars because of the last story and the sex was crazy hot.



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About the Author



Too many times I hear he or she is a perv, and couldn’t help but wonder what the world would be like if people stopped shaming each other.

I think the word perv is a word that should be used for people who have an illegal, unhealthy desire for sex…

Other than that, I’d say both men and women desire different levels of sex and thus have many fetishes that stimulate each other and keep each other from getting bored in the bedroom…car… etc.

I wanted to write stories that reconnect the reader to their primal mindsets and embrace their deepest darkest desires.

I aim to give my audience a break from the shunning and dis-associative behavior our society impose upon us in regards to embracing our sexual needs and desires.

I believe the plethora sexual desires in one’s mind should be entertained and embraced, If not in action than with words.

My hope is that when a person reads these stories, whether it be from the blog or from the books, that person takes the time to be honest with themselves.

I would like my audience to be able to say, yes I like that, I wish I could try that, I really want to experience this.

The first truthful things to acknowledge before proceeding should be the things we love most about sex.

The smell of sweat.

The smells and taste of arousal.

The way it feels to come and make others come.

And the greatest truth of all…

Well, I think you already know what it is…

How much do you love reveling in the mess?

The hot thick smell…and the taste.

The stickiness…and the sound it makes.

Welcome all who come to experience Erotic stories that feed your darkness.

Or should I say, welcome all those who possess Open Minded Wills.

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